A cacophony of vivid dreams

Last night I kept dreaming of the number 43. It kept going on and on in my mind. The 43 boomed and glared. It was vivid. Yet, that was one of my least vivid dreams. Night after night I’ve been having vivid dreams. Wild dreams, bordering on lucid. Everything so real and atmospheric.

I mentioned my dreams to others and have come to find out others have also been experiencing wild dreams. Some have had intense nightmares. But many have had colorful dreams.

It is as if we are all connected to one another in some grand electric dream vibe. Or the world is sending us messages interwoven across our psyches. We are in such strange times.

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  1. I love my dreams. As soon as I wake in the morning, I it try to feel and remember what happened. And as you say, we might all be interconnected as I meet so many interesting people that seem so real. If one element in a dream really stands out, I often search out dream meanings. Or it could just be something in the water.

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  2. Strange times, for sure, Mimi. Like your thoughts on how we’re all connected in some grand electric dream vibe and the world is sending us messages interwoven across our psyches. That’s a good image to reflect on and maybe dream about. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. WTF??? I was literally just sitting here thinking about dreading my dreams and how of late, they’ve been powerful, lucid and frankly upsetting. Literally talking about this all day vis a vis sleeping pills too… Strange indeed.

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