I’m messy and proud

I am a very messy person. I try to neaten up every week and within minutes, I clutter things up again. I like a good mess. Not a bad mess, mind you. Sometimes, the mess is just too messy and you startle yourself into some kind of cleaning frenzy. And, if you think I’m just talking about material clutter… Well, go right ahead.

With that said, I’m proud of my organized chaos and mess. There are times when people hear me describe myself as messy and tell me I shouldn’t put myself down like that. As if I’m expressing shame. I laugh and note, I’m not ashamed of being messy. I’m proud. It’s my controlled mess. My thoughts and feelings in full display not tucked away neatly in a bookshelf or two. I often even sit on the floor while working with my papers set in a circular pattern around me. Words, numbers and punctuation marks surrounding my being. I like my mess and that is that.

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  1. Hehe Messiness
    Reigns With
    Me i Am
    ‘The Oscar’
    Of The
    ‘Odd Couple’
    And Uh Oh
    Not “Sleeping
    With Any
    All Bath
    Precisely Even
    Meanwhile i
    Ain’t the one
    Just A Feather
    Floating in
    The Wind
    All Head
    With Ease
    As There
    Is No
    And Wisdom
    With Feather
    FLoWinG Winds

    Chaos Magic
    Only Messy
    For ‘Those’
    To See
    and Hear


  2. i used to be exactly like you, until I got married and my husband shamed me horribly for it. I don’t think he meant to, he is just minimalist and i am …. well… ‘maximalist’, if that makes any sense. And so I began to always put my mess away. I think I lost a part of myself in the process. I became very down. And now clean thoroughly every two or three days, getting upset if I see something out of place. Then I had my son, and I began to get colourful things again. Postcards tacked to the wall. Different kinds of coloured and textured paper. Assortments of crayons. Scrapbooks. I maintain it’s for the boy, but my, he never uses those things… only i do. I like to take with me a pile of papers and books wherever I am working and set it up, as you say, in a ‘messy’ pattern around my station. Mess makes me creative, it’s who I am. And tidy people are who they are too. Both can exist, it’s perfectly ok. Being messy is not a bad thing! Being judgemental is, haha!

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