Carrying 100 souls to the market

They had already driven for over 14 hours when they pulled over to the side of the lonely, dark road. Or perhaps that was her heart. They stared across the horizon wiping the sweat from their brow.

She thought she heard the chirping of a bird far, far away. It couldn’t be here since everything was dead. The freight train was carrying 100 souls to the market and they were following alongside. No insights. No pushback. No longheld beliefs pushing through. She wiped the tears from her eyes and put the car back into gear. Nothing in the rearview.

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  1. Train of uncaring
    Uncoupled Each
    Train Car Separated
    From Together Where
    Do Train Souls Go Like
    This Where is the Engineer
    And Conductor When Train
    Love is
    Amiss i
    Searched A
    First Train
    Car A
    In The middle
    On the Tracks
    Ahead Behind
    Only A Faint
    Echo of
    A Whistle
    So Far Away
    Now i must
    Become the 🚂 Train
    Choo choo My Steam
    i will
    The Rails
    Until my
    To lay New tracks…


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