I’m a bit unnerved by all the helicopters circling us that high up.

While in Los Angeles, I got extremely used to the overhead, hovering helicopters. Well, extremely used to is s rather strong term. I never really got used to them but surely came to expect them to be around. There were the traffic, police, and celebrity helicopters. Major traffic jams, or so it seemed, up in the sky. There were constant car chases for which the helicopters continously tried to stay on top of. I was fascinated by the helicopter culture in Los Angeles. Everyone had one and it just plain was commonplace.

Fast forward to today wherein I live in New York City- my hometown. I’ve returned home. I wanted to. I needed to. Now, however, I see helicopters all the time up in the New York skyline. First it seemed like they were monitoring the quarantine. Then, it became about the protests. Then, I remembered New York has a lot of traffic jams. Of course, news channels would have their traffic helicopters checking us all out.

Despite seeming normal, I’m a bit unnerved by all the helicopters circling us that high up. I keep wondering what they are tracking and what it may mean to New York City. What’s the proverbial next hit we are to take?

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