100 days to go

At the crack of dawn, I put on the television and looked at social media. All day, many could only talk about was how there are as of today, 100 days left before the election. One hundred days. if the year 2020 has taught us anything it is that 100 days is a lot of time for things to go horrifically wrong. In 100 days, a pandemic can take root and gain solid footing, causing thousands to die.

In 100 days, you can set realistic goals to accomplish. You can maybe read six books. You can learn to ski, bike, or drive. In 100 days you can visit three countries and get somewhat familiar or go see 20 countries in a spree. In 100 days you can take over a new job and have some preliminary results. 100 days can constitute a sabbatical, of sorts.

100 days can change your life. 100 days can change the world.

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