May you make good memories today

Often we wish people a good morning or a good evening. At this point, I don’t even know what that may mean. At times, they just seem to be empty phrases. Rote. They come out of our mouths before we even realize that we are stating these we wishes.

As I was walking home one day, I came across a brownstone that had a little “monument” (or scene) erected.

They noted that this too shall pass. Yes, we surely hope it will come to pass. Yet, we arw not very sure as to when. Then it hit me. While we wait for this to also pass, we can’t keep still. We also can’t keep just saying “good morning” as usual.

What I hope to do going forward is to substitute out the good morning greeting. I want to instead note to people that my hope is that they “make good memories today”. It feels empowering and intentional. It feels more appropriate to these times. Give it a try and see how such a greeting goes

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  1. LeSSoN From Enduring Worst Medically Assessed Pain DisEase From Wake to Sleep No Drug Would
    Touch For 66 Months
    If One Can’t Make Good
    Is A Savior too..:)


  2. For me it is also: do some writing today, and get the book closer to publication. Because this is all the time I get – it would be foolish to wait until ‘it is all over’ to write. Especially since, in lockdown for being in a vulnerable group, I’m going to have a lot more time than most. I don’t want to look back (assuming I survive) and have wasted the opportunity.
    To do this, I have to manage my anxiety, and that’s a good thing – there is very little I might be able to do, and I’ll try to do that.
    No one is guaranteed a problem-free life; this is what we have to deal with now.


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