Trying to figure out what’s the safest course of action

Here we go again. Another national holiday in the midst of a pandemic. Another time we should be rejoicing. Yet, our nerves are a bit frayed. Do we really want to think about our weekend plans? I most certainly do not care to. We are in constant negotiation as to where we can go and do.

Here in New York City, we are breathing a bit better. We walked through the fire. Yet, other parts of the country are in a deep burn, of sorts. We saw how badly things can get. We don’t want it to come back to that state of being.

I will be going to the hair salon. I will go shoe shopping. I may go hiking. Yet, there’s this bit of nagging space at the back of my head. Nowadays we are constantly negotiating the spaces in which we live, eat, breathe, walk and just be.

Here’s hoping that my upcoming shoe shopping therapy does the trick.

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    “My Space” With 15 Or so Inches of Screen
    Horizons Narrowing to 6 Inches With
    “Facebook” Phones…
    ‘Faux News’
    And Truths
    Now Faces
    All Together Now
    There Are Winners
    And Losers And Lovers
    Of Life Who Only Love And
    Don’t Fall Under Either W Or L
    For Competitions Or Even Goals
    FLoWeRS Are Like This When Trees
    Get In the Way They Bend to Enjoy
    The Sunshine to Breathe Wherever
    Sunshine Goes.. Smiles..The Moon
    Is Still Glowing.. A Parade of Planets
    Somewhat Aligning on July 4th, 2020
    First Day This Century since
    1982 FLoWeRS
    Will Never
    if ‘1984’
    And GoeS AGAiN For Real
    Truth is It’s All What We Create
    Losing or Loving It All As Breath of Life..
    All i Feel Is Moonlit FLoWeRS Sunshine Magic
    Wherever A River Flows Next Naturally i am Here..
    It’s Like Time
    And Friends
    And my
    Favorite Song…
    Every Breath
    Magic When
    We Color Life Without Time
    Turn of A Friendly Card This Life..:)


  2. Be a sensible New Yorker – stay safe within the parameters of the choices you make.

    You can buy shoes – with or without a mask on you and the salesperson. If you both wear masks, the transmission probability drops a lot – if either of you have ‘it.’ Which you know.

    The biggest problem now is the cohort of people who refuse to wear a mask – and think that somehow they are immune to something that has killed, as of today, somewhere north of 125K people in this country. I don’t understand their risk-assessment processes.


  3. I love the way you phrase it: that we are constantly negotiating the terms of our existence. No wonder its so exhausting. It is a mediation that never comes to an agreement.


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