Today it was just not meant to be but tomorrow’s another day

There are occasionally those days where nothing goes right. It happens. You roll with it. Sometimes you can even steel yourself against such days.

There are also those days where one thing is supposed to occur and it doesn’t happen. It saddens you a bit. Thriws you off. Then the next next somehow doesn’t happen. Then the third. By the fouth missed event you sit and think to yourself “well, none of it was supposed to happen”. As opposed to thinking it is what it is, one can think it wasn’t what it wasn’t.

However, the next day may be better. The day after things may come together. May- that is the key word. Keep hope going even when your heart is sinking and your heartrate is speeding through your body.

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  1. What Sets Humans Apart from Other Animals
    Is We Have Symbols; Yes, Totems We Create
    That Bring Hope Over Despair
    in Terms of Placebo
    That is Real
    in Effect
    of Affect
    That Brings
    Healing to LiGHT but True
    Not Only Do We Do Dreams
    in Fruition There is Voodoo of
    Nocebo True In Dark too
    A Chalice Half
    Full Lasts
    So Much
    This Way
    than the Glass Half
    Empty And On the Way to Bottom
    Hope Rises Further Half Full Versus
    Day Out
    of Night it’s
    What A Moon Half Full
    Does in Reflection of Sun..:)

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  2. One of the things I treasure from Soto Zen is to realize when expectations are running the show and redirect attention from my expectant state. I simply don’t know the future, I can plan knowing it will never exist as the plan is formulated. Thanks for this post.


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