Vacationing during a pandemic

I believe we can all agree that the last three months have been unbelievably hard, depressing, and regrettably unforgettable. Living in the epicenter of the pandemic while in the healthcare field, I have felt numbness, fright, and despair all at once. Now, I am onto the other side feeling hopeful. All throughout these months, I have wanted just a few hours of escape. I think we all have.

Now, I am looking at a quick getaway. Seemingly, a vacation. However, I hate using that term. The word “vacation” doesn’t seem appropriate at this point in time. It’s a bit unseemly, first off. Second, vacation has a certain connotation. This isn’t about having fun and relaxing for a few days after a lot of work. Third, it is most appropriately described as a cathartic escape. Although, there really is no escape.

Wherever one chooses to go, masks abound. Social distancing measures will still be in place. I don’t see there being to many open pools. Turn on the television and the neverending pandemic news coverage will still be showing.

Nonetheless, on a getaway I go. I need to just be elsewhere even if for a few days. I need to see a different skyline. I need to see different walls. I need to sit on a different seat. Just for a few days.

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  1. I’ve been following you for a long time. Way pre covid. I don’t write much myself lately. Feeling a lot of guilt and shame… privileged, white and in NZ means I don’t feel like I have a right to much of an opinion at the moment. New York is my magical place and when this is over, and it will end, I hope get a little place in Jersey and settle my teenage theatre geek daughter in there for a year at least… I hope you have a lovely vacation. I wish I could teleport you here. I’m going away with my partner this weekend and I will absolutely be thinking of you and hoping you get a break. Not sure what else to say. Take care stay safe and thank you for the authentic and sometimes raw glimpse back to a city I hold dear.


  2. Glad to see Santis Acknowledging That the
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