I taught my son how to skateboard

At the beginning of covid-19 we all thought we would learn 101 new skills sets. Then we didn’t. I’ve noted that repeatedly. But then I started thinking about such a statement. I may not have learned to play the guitar bit I did learn many new things. I stretched and toned my brain muscles. I strengthened my heart. I dug further into my well of laughs. I became a symbol of hope for some. For others, I was courage. I learned that I could truly compartmentalize.

However, one of my main feats during this time was teaching my son to skateboard. That in of itself is cool. However, what makes it cooler is that I taught him to skateboard even though I myself can’t do it. I’m horrible when it comes to balance. I’m extremely unsteady. I try to balance but go way to the left. Barely can stand upright. Yet, with my son, I got him to skateboard. I bought him a skateboard and took him to the park and coached him. I cheered. I took videos of it. I cheered him on some more.

His confidence is strong. Each time he is getting better and better. It’s a moment of grand pride. Though I may be horrible at skateboarding I can be a great enthusiast and coach. And, the best part is as follows. He wants to be my skateboarding coach. He truly wants to help me get better. That has been part of the beauty of this situation.

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