Some get angry, others take notes

As I was walking with my son to the pier, he started talking to me about his online Xbox and computer games. That’s what he does. He plays games. He gets excited about them. He recounts numerous stories about those games. He can talk for 30 minutes straight about each move he made in the game. I, of course, have no understanding of what he is talking about. None. And, he knows that. And, he is amused by my lack of awareness and understanding.

As we are walking and talking he mentions some good life lessons to me in passing. The beauty of childhood. He goes on to tell me that there are some people who send him messages after an online match, that he is either good or bad. There are those who bother to take time to criticize his skills. Who does that? Then there are those who send compliments. As my son noted there are those who get angry and then there are those who take notes and get better.

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