My lonely running shoes

I was cleaning up my apartment a tad bit. Trying to catch up on things left undone for months. Sure, many thought they would learn a new language, instrument or dance during these pandemic times. And, then it all came to naught. One thing after another came undone or remained undone. And, that was how it was to be.

As I cleaned, I came across my running shoes. Just sitting there on the kitchen floor. Looking so lonely and unused. I do exercise every day. Over 20,000 steps at times. However, I don’t run out on the pavement. I did my running indoors, at the gym. As such, my running shoes have been disregarded and left unattended. Lonely. Waiting. Just existing rooted in place.

Soon, perhaps, I will fit my feet back into my running shoes and get on the treadmill. While I, at times, hated waking up an hour early to go work out, my body craves it now. That for me would be normalcy.

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  1. Running Shoes
    Hurt My Knees…
    Treadmill Shoes
    Hurt My Feet…
    Shoes Hurt
    My Hips… Dancing
    Shoes Cloud 9 For
    They Always Move
    More Than one
    Way.. Oh
    i Found A
    Cure.. Fountain
    Of Youth.. Meadows
    Green Now With no
    i used To Dream
    Of Running again…
    Now i Dance Clouds..:)


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