Need a distraction for my distraction

During these times of frozen iguanas, global pandemic and looming locusts, we have all been looking for distractions from the real world. In other time, the word distraction may have held a slightly negative connotation. People getting distracted and not being productive was often noted as an issue. People being distracted by their phones at the dinner table has been widely lamented.  Distractions had been too distracting for society.

Fast forward to now. To today. Distractions are good. We want distractions from some of this oppressive reality. Although, many will note we should not allow ourselves to get too distracted considering everything that is occuring right now. We should not get complacent. We get that. However, considering the heavy weight of now, we needed distractions.

Things have escalated further in terms of what is on our collective shoulder. As a result, now we need distractions for our original distractions. We need multi-level distractions. Layered distractions. It is as if we have to have a bank of distractions. Hopefully, this distractions bank gets readily replenished.

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  1. When i was Younger and so much
    More ‘Autistic’ in the Feel and Sense
    of Not Yet Regulating Emotions And
    Integrating Senses WHere i am Not
    So Overwhelmed By Both
    Environmental Sensory
    Stimuli and Human
    Energy in
    Empathy Just
    The Thought of Living
    in a Big City was too much..
    And Even Going to Walmart
    Was almost More than i could take..
    My My how i have changed Loving the
    Most Crowded Dance Hall Bigger City Nights Solo
    Going in Crowds Yes! of Literally Over A Thousand
    Folks..! i really Miss ‘That Bigger City’ Life! NoW As when
    one Lives in Balance Such a Thrill Now it Will Be Mastering
    How much
    in And Goes
    Out As Human
    Waves Within in Ocean Balance
    And as Much as Small Town Life
    And Social Distancing is boring me a bit..
    No One Much is Dying Here in ‘Red Neck
    Ways of Trump Town USA’ And Folks of All
    Flavors Are Still Living Peacefully Together..
    The Ignorance
    is truly
    A Gnat
    to Swat
    Away compared
    to Just about Total Chaos..
    Relatively Speaking Small
    Town Life does have advantages..
    Don’t even Need A Gun as all the
    Neighbors Are Armed Like the Military..
    Smiles my Father Was Born in Long Island..
    And i talk so Dam Fast The Folks can’t understand
    me ‘down here’..
    But Truly
    Even in
    A place
    named ‘Hell’ for
    the Briars on the River
    Front Bank Downtown
    i am raised on
    it’s nice
    these days
    Where You
    are ‘too big
    and fast’ to ‘see’..
    And of course the Only
    Reason i can and will totally
    Feel Comfortable Saying this
    is i am Financially Independent
    Other wise no doubt i will surely be sweating a bit too…
    And More Than Likely Still Like a Cat on A Hot-Tin Roof Just
    Walking in Walmart.. It’s all about Human Stress either Positive
    or Negative..
    of course
    the Best
    Old Fashion
    Human Bliss..
    And Iced Tea
    of Course De-Caff
    For me Just Enjoying
    Flowers on a Last May Day
    May Day May Day Save Our
    Ship in So Many Other places strangling…
    It’s true There are so many folks under ‘Bended Knee’…
    for some
    Of WHere
    They Are NoW..
    Peace Dear Have A Nice Day..
    Hehe i’m Turning 60 on Saturday
    i’m old enough to Call You Dear
    but truly
    i feel
    Than Ever
    Before the Difference
    is simply Five Words Plus Two No Stress
    Just Looking for a bit More Positive Stress
    ‘Small Town
    Privilege’ now
    Meh.. i’ll Just
    Add Another Day
    of ‘Masked Walmart Public Small Town Dance’..
    A Pleasant/Hilarious Distraction to be i AM hehe..


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