current events


The sun beamed in to awaken my spirits

My eyes wanted to feel the warmth

Then I remembered how I had been wrecked

My veil of safety pierced

My heart punctured through and through

Sorrow filling the air pockets

Tears dripping from confusion

It shouldn’t have happened

Bland happiness had been the norm

Now, it was all wrecked

Every moment taken up

Longing for that recognition

Hiding it in plain sight

Wondering why my being was a wreckage

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  1. With Fear 3 Words Destroying (Human)
    Love.. ‘i Don’t Care’… Keep Crying Be Angry Turn That Sugar And Spice into Positive Change
    That You See
    Nice Use the
    Human Tools
    We aRe Born
    With to Succeed
    Disclaimer: i am
    No Body Just Love..:)


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