There’s a song for everything

I love New York City for many reasons. One of which is the ability to walk everywhere. And, at the moment, I am walking anywhere between 15,000 to 22,000 steps a day. Each day I’m walking to work and I’m loving walking to work. I listen to a myriad of songs to get me hopping along through the walk. And for every epiphany I have along the walk there is a great song to amplify it.

What came to me in the midst of all this psndemic chaos, is that there is a song for everything. Hanging out at home. Typing away at the computer. Looking up at the ceiling. There is a song that helps propel the moment. A few weeks back the song Jolene provided me great comfort. This week a completely different song and vibe connected with me on a different level and helped lift me up changing my frame of mind.

Music can be a soothing balm for all our current open wounds. I recommend giving in to those old songs that bring back great memories. I recommend giving into new songs, different from what we normally listen to, in order to continue to expand our frame of minds.

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