Where do you see yourself in five years?

We are constantly, as a daily endeavor, being asked to forecast the future. What will the weather be like tomorrow? Will stocks go down? And, no matter what job you may have interviewed for in the past, you were probably asked “where do you see yourself in five years”. It’s a standard question which, more often than not, provides no useful insight as to how someone will be as an employee. Occasionally it yields an interesting nugget when a person admits that they see themselves in a very far off land or that they have no life goals. Otherwise, the answers are very srandard.

Fast forward to today. First off. Notably, everyone got that answer wrong in 2015. Well, not that they got it wrong. It just was completely offbase as no one could have predicted where we are today as a society. I, myself, answered that question and I’m pretty sure I noted I saw myself leading with courage. Or something to that effect. And, indeed that part was quite true. What strange times.

Second. If you are asked today where do you see yourself in five years, how do you answer? Think about it. Can you see through and past this pandemic? Do you see the past? I see travel. I see new adventures. And, I still see myself in a mask.

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  1. I’m hoping this year will see the finishing of the middle volume of my mainstream trilogy, Pride’s Children NETHERWORLD, and in five years I will be finished with the WHOLE THING.

    It is an adventure I’m ready to be finished with (said at the 1-1/3 mark, this is a hope rather than an expectation), and have ‘in the can.’

    And I hope I will have been home to Mexico to see all my family at least once (the universe keeps finding ways to stop me from going).

    I need to have us get back to having a family vacation with all the kids and SOs – we did ONE, and the world imploded.

    Those are the three things I need – and hope to get.


  2. I believe we will get past it and we’ll be stronger for the effort. What other choices do we have?
    I see travel but less of it and we’ll be wearing masks as required.The dream of globalization is dead.
    For me personally, I hope to be in a warm climate far from the big city, please God. 🙂


  3. Quite frankly I have never been able to answer this question. Every time its asked I choose not to answer because really no one can predict the dynamics of life. I remember once we were made to write a 5 year plan and only one of those things came to pass and its been over 6 years now. Before the 5 year plan I had a trajectory that I later tore in anger because it proved useless. Its good to plan for the future, and have future goals, but really who knows what the future holds? Who knew COVID 19 would come? I’m now learning to live in the moment and embrace each day and its experiences.


  4. Me in 5 years?
    More confident in myself … .
    Better for myself … .
    Still concerned about my family, but staying in different place from it … .
    I would like all of our “4” be in a good health! Or even better!

    Have a good day, week, hour or second!


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