Today was a long day with very little sleep. Three hours of sleep as a matter of fact. Just three hours. I was in zombified mode all day. Words were in and out of my brain. Meaning remained at the surface level. Digging deeper wasn’t meant to be.

While I was on a follow up call with a sympathetic person, we both made up the word “cathargic” at the same time. Or so we believe we created that word. I love making up new words. I like it even more when people take my newly created words to be set in stone. It’s fun.

Here we have cathargic. To me it means that one wishes for a cathartic experience but is too tired to expend that energy that would be helpful. That’s my word of the day. Maybe week. Maybe year, at this point.

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  1. Words Double Edged
    SWoRDS No New Cave
    Art Words Means Staying
    In Caves Leaving Rest of
    Nature Flourishing Alive
    What Remains
    To Be Done
    Are We
    To Love Alive
    NoW More than
    Tools We aRe🌲


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