The sounds of New York are coming back

For the last 70 or so days, New York has been eerily quiet. That is except for the 7pm nightly cheer for Healthcare and other essential workers. When I leave my building in the am and when I return, I often get a cheer and a “thank you”. I don’t really feel the need to receive a cheer but I do love hearing noise. That is, noise other than breaking news or the latest projections and contemplations as to how we get back to normal.

I want to hear kids laughing and running in the streets. I want to hear bicycle bells. I want to hear the ice cream truck. I want to overhear odd conversation snippets.

The sounds are coming back. There is still eeriness at times. However, the sounds are coming and those will bring great joy.

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  1. OG i Love Happy Crowds my Affective
    Empathy, Feelings, Senses are always
    so Turned up when i am Healthy
    It’s Really Bliss for me
    to be in the
    Middle of
    A Happy Festival
    on the Other Hands
    if all the People Disappeared
    my Sister and Wife would be so
    Much Happier Alone in focus to
    Be Perusing the Arts and Crafts
    Purchasing whatever touched their
    Fancy but oh no not me i like to look
    but the People are so much more fun to
    Feel All the Joy they Bring A Sea of Celebration
    Festivity is! Smiles.. all those Years i looked forward
    to the Fall Festivals that Bring Folks Up toward the Holiday
    Season as Days Get Shorter and might otherwise Feel Dreary..
    but see i never
    Knew i never
    i never
    felt that i had
    the Freedom to
    Become a Dancing
    Festival of one that way
    Festivals are Year ’round
    Within wherever i go keeping
    Enough Social Distancing in Public
    Dancing So my 240 American Pounds
    Doesn’t Locomotive anyone Over as i spin
    Like the Milky Way Faster and Faster like
    An Earth Globe on Feet.. hmm.. i always
    felt like i was preparing for some kind of
    other Environmental Challenge to
    come from all the Imbalance
    in the World that Apathy
    of those in Charge
    to Bring
    Even Now
    as the ‘Trump’
    Hits the Fan but true
    as long as i Social Distance
    My Festivity none of the ‘Trump
    Stuff’ will get on me and at best the
    Dance Festival Will Take me to my Last
    Breath of Dance and Song With a Smile
    And Hopefully if anyone finds out i’ve passed
    away all they will say is he danced let’s do it too!


  2. I can’t imagine what living in NYC has been like – our youngest daughter is in Troy, and that’s terrifying enough. NYC is and will always be a special place – I just wish I had had the energy to see more of it when we lived in NJ. It’s one more of the negative things to chalk up to chronic illness.

    That daughter has spent a huge amount of time in the city – and has friends living there – and loves Broadway. I envy her so much.


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