Don’t sink the ship just because you’re not the captain

For some people it’s “my way or the highway”. At times, those are insufferable people. Actually, quite often they are insufferable people. They feel (or rather) they are always right. Working with such people can be quite taxing. And, it can be quite a burden to try to steer such people.

What is even worse is when such people become purposefully destructive. They decide that if they sre not the captain, they will work on sinking the ship. Those are people who probably are quite miserable in their every waking moment. Some even relish in letting a whole ship sink. The question becomes how to address such people.

The answer is simple. People like that will not change their ways. They will sink a ship. Thus, they need to be put on their own ship. Ignore. Isolate. Inundate. Breathe free and easy. Find those who want to help right the course no matter what.

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  1. Such insufferable people usually find their way into management. If they don’t, they tend to at least try to run their lives outside of management as if they were managers. There are just enough people out there looking for someone to tell them what to do that it can work out.

    I think of it as a variety of alpha male syndrome. I avoid such people when I can.

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  2. Selena Gomez wrote in her song “Lose You to Love Me”: “Sang off key in my chorus, ’cause it wasn’t yours,” and I had to think, that’s just too sad but true of toxic people. They won’t go along with you achieving your dreams and goals, not truly. :-/ You must do things their way 😦


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