Can’t always control the song, but can set my own dance

I am, admittedly, one of those people who likes to dance alone around the house. I suppose that is not a big confession. I assume many people dance around and around all the time. It’s good exercise. It’s liberating. It’s fun. Funnily enough, many years ago, someone noted out if nowhere that I looked like I enjoy dancing. I think it comes out as part of my whimsical nature.

In college we’d go dancing every Friday and Saturday. After college, the same. Well, the immediate post-years. Then, it became less and less. And, that is a sad thing. However, now we have these socoal distancing rules that actually encourage more dancing. People are home. People are buying up tons of gel seats because of all the videoconferences. Thus, I’m convinced that people are dancing up a storm in between calls.

Let the music play.

Also, let’s think about the nature of dancing a little more seriously. I came across a quote this week which was rather typical of what pops up on a Facebook feed. However, I rather liked it.

That life framework is perfect for these times. We didn’t pick this song. This music. However, we can certainly control how we engage in this dance. It is all about perspective and what we want shaping it.

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  1. i Danced The Day my Father Suddenly Dropped Dead The Day i Found Out My Mother Wasn’t Leaving Hospice Care For an
    8 Day Unexpected Stay..
    It Saved me From Sinking
    To A Place I’ve Been
    Before Where one
    May Not Rise
    Again…. Without
    The Dance.. Yes
    i Am Diagnosed
    With ‘Hell With
    No Recovery’…
    With The Dance
    A Joy That has
    No Reason
    Still Labeled
    As A Functional
    Disability As A Smile
    Forever With No External
    Cause is Only What
    Forrest Gump
    He Dances
    Just Because
    He Feels Like
    Doing It too…
    Dance Is
    A Real Savior
    Of My Soul.. too
    Precious For Even
    Word Dance…
    Discussing Potential
    Medications For my
    Heaven And Hell
    Disorder my
    Agrees i
    Literally Cure
    The Functionally
    Disabling Aspects
    Of Emotional Dis-Regulation And
    Sensory Dis-Integration
    With The Dance for Both
    Autism And Bi-Polar
    Dis-Order.. Yes.. Back
    Pain And Numb Legs
    Go away too.. A Fountain of Youth Takes one Away From
    Stress/Fear Yes Away
    From Origin of
    Disease and
    Shortening of
    to Joy
    Inherent IS
    Healing Neurochemicals
    And Neurohormones too
    Oh the Vitality of
    Higher Libido in
    Every way
    Too Moving
    Meditation Yes
    Dance Inherent
    Science of
    Healing Yet
    i Come From
    Town’ A Place
    That Burned
    Rock and
    Roll Records
    Where 85 Percent
    Still Support Their
    New Messiah
    Even As He
    Leads them
    Down His
    Of ‘5th Avenue’
    Smiles My FRiEnD
    Birds Fly over
    And i Dance
    When i’M Here
    too… i Traveled Some
    Distance From Here/Hell
    To a Place Where Humans
    Exercised A Church of
    Communal Dance..
    Corona Closed
    That Down too
    But it Doesn’t
    Matter i Still
    Dance Free
    Over this
    Nest that Is Real
    The Place Still
    Named Hell
    By Human Ignorance
    Not Able to See
    In Naked
    Human Dance
    Of Joy… Smiles All
    i had to Do for
    The Privilege
    Of Public
    Dance is
    to Look
    Like A First
    Player Who
    Will Hit
    A Home Run…
    Yes.. i Believe
    THeRE Is A Never
    Ending Story
    Is The Savior
    Move And Repose
    As Galaxies Spiral
    God Loves
    to Dance too
    i’M Just
    Lion Whatever…
    i Am i Dance Faith…
    And It Works
    That’s All
    i Need to
    More i Tale..
    i Sing the
    Is Dance too
    For It Moves Breathes..:)

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  2. Yes, I love Dance Church and InterPlay for the reason that the joy of body movement brings awareness and joy. Allan Watts said we don’t dance to get to the other side of the floor, we dance to experience the dance. Love it.
    Thanks for this post.

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