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Oddly, I still have a tan line

I don’t wear a watch. However, I do have a fit bit. And, that is typically how I track whether I have a tan or not. It’s not rocket science. It’s not even that thrilling of a tidbit. It just is.

As I was pacing while on a teleconference, I came to pull off my fitbit. I suppose I was antsy. I fidget a ton. Many have noticed that. The first time I was told that I fidget I was doing a live panel broadcast and someone texted me that they could see my legs shaking a lot. They encouraged me to not be nervous. I wasn’t at all. I knew my stuff. It is just that I fidget. I fidget a lot.

These days I fidget even more than usual. Hence, I pace and throw my fitbit to and fro. As I took it off I looked down at my arm. I had a tan line. My mind wandered off the conversation at hand. I could feel myself scrunching up my face. I had no idea how I still had a tan line.

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  1. Fidgeting Another Term
    For Stimming God Yes
    Moving it Stimulates
    Our Brains Makes
    Us Focus Better
    With Greater
    Short Term Working Memory AKA Cognitive Executive Functioning Yet ‘They’
    Sit Kids
    Still in
    Desks Admonishing
    Them Unless Quiet
    Hands And Feet In Church
    Too Lord Knows there’s
    Puberty but the
    Metaphor Is
    Same Honestly
    One Day Someone
    Is Gonna Write A
    Book For Being
    Human And
    Humans Will
    Once Again
    Dance And
    Sing Free
    With Fewer
    Tan Lines Hehe
    Anyway Gotta
    To Work
    The Dance
    The Song Indeed
    A Healthy Human ‘Thing’
    Oh Before i go any New Yes Novel Dance Steps Or
    Even Doodling
    Increases Dopamine Even More For Creativity
    And Greater
    Productivity too
    So Yes Do Your
    Little or Bigger
    Dance As Donna
    Summers Sings True
    Love to Love to
    Do It
    Just Don’t STOP..;)


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