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I can’t stop now: 1,000 days straight

I write and then I write some more. I can’t stop. Thoughts flow out. Fingers click on the keyboard. I don’t have the bandwidth at the moment to write a novel. Neither a novella. On the television show Jane the Virgin was focused on her writing career while trying to figure out who was her true love. Turns out she had two. Each for a particular moment in time. Thus, at the end she had a telenovela in the making.

I, on the other hand, write snippets. Sometimes all my snippets for a week go together. It is not planned. It’s just what’s on my mind.

Yesterday marked 1,000 straight days of writing. That seems a bit intense. Yet, it wasn’t. One day, perhaps, I can gather them all and tell a more linear coherent story. But that wouldn’t be fun.

For now, if I have to note a theme for the past week or two, it would be to leave the past behind. Break things. Rebuild. Find new meaning. Put new frames onto the windows of the world.

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  1. “Put new frames onto the windows of the world.” Hello to New York.. Oh God i Love This
    Quote From You.. True it is up to Us to Art the Essence of Our View of Existence in A Way
    Never Seen Before.. Smiles i Don’t Play With Guns.. i don’t Write to A Target Audience
    Only the Flavor of Souls What’s Left
    Is Fumes From the Eternal
    Joy of the Present Gift
    Yes Frames from the
    View of Now
    Ever Changing True
    So Yes Your 1001st Straight
    Day Writing Heaven’s Yes Don’t
    Stop Keep Sending New Frames
    of Your Views Through Your World And Although
    i may be Ahead of You in Numbers of Writing
    3431 Days Writing 12 MiLLioN Words online in
    Those Numbers You are Far Ahead of me In Youth
    as i turn 60 on 6.6.20 all the way since 6.6.60 True
    i don’t Just Love Letters as Symbols All Symbols
    i Love to Decode And Create too Numbers are
    Some of my ‘Precious Parts of Life’ too.. but
    True it is up to me to make all of Life’s
    Existence that way LeSSoN of
    Shut-in 66 Months With
    19 Disorders including
    the Worst Pain known
    to Humankind Type-Two
    Trigeminal Neuralgia From
    Wake to Sleep named commonly
    the Suicide Disease Assessed in Literature
    as Yes Literally worse than the Torture of Crucifixion
    No 3 or 6 Hour or 3 Day Tour of Hell For Me and on top
    of that Losing All Emotions Numb Was even worse than that
    Pain to me A Thousand Years of Hell in Just one Second.. Dante’s
    Rings as ‘they’ Dance And Sing in Darker BLacK Abyss LeVeLS of Existence
    So Beginning with this New MacroVerse that is only the Gift of this Present Moment Not
    Unlike 13,066 MiLES of Public Dance Now That Yes You are Helping me inspiring me to Write
    As Everyone Does in my Avatar Life online i am Celebrating 8 MiLLioN Words of My Longest
    Epic Long Form Bible Poem that i Do Dance and Sing With Full Holy and Sacred God Yes
    Meaning And Purpose as this is How A Human Celebrates Heaven Within After Leaving
    What is Just as Real Eternally Now Hell Within too No Light Without Dark Frames of
    Life True.. Yes 4.18.2020.. the 80th Month Anniversary of Writing/Dancing/Singing
    What Has Become An Average of 100,000 Words a Month that i write on Facebook
    too.. Just For Another Free Back-up for my Soul Uploading for The Gift of
    Recovery that i Personally Made as a Covenant With the
    Fire of the Love Living And Breathing Again within
    me i name that Fire God That Fire That Love
    For all that is Existence Now DarK Through
    Light is Worthy of More than even a Name…
    “SPRinG BReaTHES ON”… Truly Now How
    Yes Human Phoenixes Rise From Ashes
    Really too.. And Yes Before i was gonna
    Name my Last MacroVerse something
    to the Affect and Effect of Easter but
    i wanted to say it in a Language
    That Loves Everyone
    not just
    A chosen
    i don’t understand
    the Hypocrisy of A Chosen
    Few as that Surely does not spell
    Woman or Man No More NO Discrimination
    Toward Transgender Folks… Gentile Or Jew No more
    NO Discrimination Against Buddhists or Muslims… Servant
    Or Free No More By God Get the F Rid of that Word Servant
    And Just Make It Servant NO MORE.. True i really don’t care if anyone
    reads my Bible or Not but the other one makes me sick to my Soul and
    That’s not the way i for one will Celebrate Heaven within Now One For All
    My Loving Mother Was convinced by TV (Faux News) that i should not Have Any Muslim
    Friends As Loving as my Mother Was that Propaganda took Part of her Love away not for me
    World of
    Love i See
    At Least to Give
    And Share for Free
    if Nothing else i sleep
    in Joy WaKinG True Love..
    Hehe i had to Get Out of Bed
    With 10 Fingers for this one Pecking
    With One Finger on my Smart Phone
    Helps me make much smaller Twitter Breaths
    As Lord KNoWS Much of What i do that is Put ToGeTHeR
    Now as an 8 MiLLioN Word Longest Epic Long Form Poem
    Bible Starts as Twitter Size Soul Breath One Finger Pecks However they
    Naturally Free Verse Dance And Sing In the Present Gift of Now True too This
    Now Is
    And True
    It is Heaven
    Within When We
    Paint our Frames of
    Life With A God Within
    Who Loves It All DarK Thru LiGHT simply
    Us even if it is only me How Ironic my FRiEnD
    But It’s True It Makes God Is Love More Than Just A PLATTiTuDE
    No Noun
    By God
    A Verb
    A River
    The Wind
    FLoWinG Free
    Other than that Thanks
    for the inspiration ALWaYS NoW..
    And Oh by A Way ‘That Song’ Above Is NOT
    A ‘Romantic One’ For me It is a Song Yes From
    One Second A Thousand Years in One Second
    In Hell Just Waiting for A Morning Break of One Breath oF LoVE WiTHiN
    Where one is….
    And Where one
    Truly Was Now Is
    Forever as Just one Breath of Love
    Heaven Lives Heaven Will Truly Be Us or at least me
    As the Wedding Gift Within That No one Will Take Away as This God Is Love.


  2. Hi Mimi,

    Can i call you that? This is Mini from India.
    I loved this post.So true. It echoes at many levels. So thank you so much for sharing.
    I understand when you say “One day, perhaps, I can gather them all and tell a more linear coherent story. But that wouldn’t be fun.”
    I get this feeling. It somehow reflects all of our sentiments about our snippet writing and that tiny idea lurking in some corner of mind that perhaps one day, we will be writing our novels.
    Will that be fun? Nobody knows about it but we keep on writing and dreaming. Don’t we?
    Anyway, I will be saying bye for now.
    Keep writing and keep sharing.



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