Online grocery shopping at midnight

They say never to shop for groceries when you are hungry. If you do, you are likely to overshop. Likely to buy things that in a hungered frenzy may seem good, but in actuality will make you retch. We’ve all been there, done that. I have learned my lesson in that I know I shouldn’t shop when hungry. However, I still keep doing. Thus, I really haven’t learned my lesson.

Fast forward to grocery shopping during the Coronavirus pandemic. My local market is relatively well stocked on the small inventory that they carry. If you are a New Yorker you know very well what that means. Regardless, I want a wider array of options. Thus, I’ve taken to ordering groceries online. Let me take that back. I have been ordering online groceries for years. However, now I’m really obsessed with it.

Here’s the thing. In New York people love online grocery shopping. It’s a thing. In the time of Corona it’s become an odd sport of sorts. The delivery slots are far and few between. People hoard slots. Sometimes, you can’t find a delivery slot for more than a week out. It’s brutal. And, that’s how obsession starts.

Many of us have figured out that we need to stay up past midnight in the hopes of getting a delivery slot. And, you need to hope the slot remains while you “shop”. Or that there isn’t a technical glitch at checkout. The other night I had wanted to stay up till midnight but ended up falling asleep around 11:30pm. Then, luckily, I woke up at 1:11am. In my state of drowsiness, I opened the grocery app on my phone and somehow clicked on the delivery slots and got one. I was ecstatic yet sleepy. I hit continue. Then I checked out. I excitedly and successfully ordered groceries.

The next morning, I noticed I had a confirmation email. Indeed, I had managed to secure a slot. Then I noticed what I had ordered. Note to self: don’t go online grocery shopping at midnight unless you really want a lot of vanilla oreo cookies and diet ginger ale. I suppose it’ll do.

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  1. Oh God i have the Best Place of All to Social
    Distance Dance While my Wife Shops for what
    Walmart Was Out of Last Visit And that is the Easter
    Card Aisle as i always Dance the Card Aisle First Anyway
    as my Aim is to Write ‘HaLL MarK Cards’ For Free and Just
    Generate them around the Globe for the HeaVeN And HeLLuV iT
    In Other Words.. i’ve Learned to make Hell Heaven it’s a Challenging Hobby..
    But Anyways after 79 Months
    of Public Dancing..13,013 Miles
    of Dancing And Ain’t That a Lucky ‘Timely’
    MIlestone and Featnote to Celebrate hAha..
    What i find is Easter is the Most Unpopular Season
    Where Folks Purchase Cards for their Loved ones It’s
    Like ‘the Dead Zone’ of the ‘Planet of the Apes’ in the the place the Aisles
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    Aren’t Flying Off
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    the Great State of Florida
    And its Trump State of Mind
    Intelligence Believes that the Majority
    of Church Goers who are Grey and Senior
    Citizens Should Be able to Congregate in a Shut-Down
    to Protect Senior Citizens from Corona And Take the Disease
    Back to Their Children And Grand-Children and of course their Peers too..
    All Because
    They Say
    They Love
    Their Enemies
    on Christmas on April 1st my
    Day April Fred’s Day for Real
    And some of them would rather
    Up-rise With Guns than Save the
    Gray Haired Folks who are practically the
    only ones Left at Churches these days anyways
    the Churches and Gun-Shops Stay Open as an
    Exclusion for Ignorance and if Jesus could be alive
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    Still oF iGNorance..
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    ‘Them’ Not to Shoot him Please even
    though here at least he’s already Practically Dead…
    We Cooked Hamburgers out it’s Practically the Garden
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    Back Yard Haha.. true where i live literally used to be called
    Scratch Ankle for the Briars on the River Banks Where i was
    raised as A Child Down Town and before that this Small Mill Town
    Was named Literally Hell It’s really Beautiful on the Outside-IN at least..
    And the Honest to God Truth is they are smarter than the Governor.. most
    of them at least have the Horse Sense not to follow through with their Leader….
    Just Another Mini-me
    Trump Minion
    to die
    And Even Pence
    understands that those
    Deaths Mean Doom For
    Re-Election so he suggests
    but with no requirement that
    Churches only have 10 People services…
    Any Country that Puts Politics Over Human Capital is doomed….
    The Trump
    Hits the Fan
    it really does…
    Nature ain’t afraid
    of ‘Little Man BoNAParTE DisEase”


      • This is the definition of “stir crazy.” Since I started distancing a month ago I have been to the grocery store twice and on hikes is remote locations twice.

        My wife is still working as an RN. Fortunately LA isn’t being hammered like NY. She isn’t in direct contact with patients yet as she is doing telephone triage, trying to prevent less than life threatening condition from going to the hospital. She has been alerted that she may be transferred back to ICU where she once worked. That leaves me nervous as she is as hi risk as I am.

        My daughter is a newly minted EMT, yet another source of concern.

        Bored and nervous for family pretty much describes it


  2. Hope you and your family are well, living on the middle of this crisis.
    Enjoy your vanilla oreo cookies. 🙂


      • Nothing special, usually spend most of the day in the house, just an inconvenience of not to be able to go outside, and take care of simple business like grocery shopping, unencumbered by masks, gloves, and keeping your distance, and the whole paranoia.
        Thanks and best wishes.


  3. I didn’t even realize this was a thing. We’ve been doing our own shopping at the local grocery store as infrequently as possible. We haven’t had any real shortages in the Bronx.


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