Despite non-stop teleconferences I keep misplacing my phone

From about 6am to 10pm, I am on work calls. This is daily. During the weekend it lets up a little. This distresses me to no end. I hate phone calls. Hate them. I prefer texting 1000 times over. I prefer videoconferencing. Phone calls are a nuisance. I don’t like not seeing the person. I need to get a sense of how many eye rolls are occuring. As for text, it allows for straight to the point discussions. If those can be considered discussions.

I have two cell phones- one for work and one that is personal. At this point in time, it is all blended. There have been situations during the last few weeks where I am on a videoconference, and my two cell phones ring. And, because I am a glutton for punishment I answer them both. My brain is on fire. My ears are tired. My mouth doesn’t like sentences anymore. Me speak bullets. Keep it short, simple and moving.

I noted that despite my nonstop teleconferences, I keep misplacing my phone. That was an inaccurate way to describe my situation. Most assuredly, my subconscious wants me to misplace my phone. Now, I outright want to as well. I’m contemplating storing my phone in the oven on a nightly basis. Actually, I probably shouldn’t do that. I’ll just turn the finger off and leave somewhere on the couch.

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  1. It’s Surely Understandable
    To LiVE iN A 6-Inch Box
    During Functional Disability
    And Pandemics But
    What Excuse Do
    We Have Not To
    ‘Dance Together’
    When Free To Do
    So And Breathe ‘Air’…
    ‘Why Does the Caged
    Bird Sing’ in Response
    To “That Poet’s Birthday”
    Creativity Coming…
    As Evening Primrose
    Blooms in Asphalt
    Of Pink
    Moon Nights
    Still to Come
    Smiles there is
    No too Long For Sweet..;)


  2. I was going to say it was positively Freudian – and then you said it.
    Lighten up a bit on the phone answering. Let things go to voicemail. YOU choose when to call back, and you’ll feel more in control.
    Unless it’s people who have the right to demand your emotions. If one of my kids feels chatty, the world comes to a stop while I answer, because it is that rare.


  3. Hum…I guess if your business depends on the phone, there’s little you can do, except hoping those hours to be brief, lucky me, my phone can go for days without a single call, but I understand your plea.
    Blessings, and less phone calls. 🙂


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