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Wearing all my fun tops for videoconferencing

I love dresses. I love wearing dresses with swing and flair. I like dancing in dresses. I like walking in dresses. You get the point. I like dresses. It takes a lot for me to wear pants to work I just do not readily do it. I rather wear jeans than pants. But I barely ever wear jeans despite owning more than 30 pair. I’m a bit extra, as the kids say nowadays. Forget kids. I say it. Now, where am I going with this?

To me, dresses represent freedom and individuality. Jeans look the same to me. However, with a raging pandemic on hand, I have been doing dozens upon hundreds of videoconference meetings. As such people don’t really get to see my awesome shoes. They don’t really see a full dress. My flair is gone. Or rather, it has been dimmed. Although. Not really.

I have many awesome blouses that I don’t get to wear too often. That is, until a pandemic came along. Because of the videoconferences, others really just see my top. Well, I decided to switch things up in this topsy turvy world. Now, I am wearing awesome blouses with cool yoga pants. Strike that last part. I’m not too sure yoga pants can be described as cool. However, my blouses are rather cool. I took the price tags off and did my own fashion show this week. Not that many would know that I had purchased these blouses a long time ago and had yet to have worn them.

I know this must seem quite frivolous and silly. There’s much darker and important things out there in the world right now. However, I need a break. Hence my parade of blouses. They help me be elsewhere for a sliver of time. And, sometimes that’s all we need.

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  1. Topsy turvy world … I can’t make my mind up if that’s a good thing or not. Maybe we all need to adjust; if a blouse helps I’m all for it. This is by far not the ending, so we’ll see where this takes us


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