I’m ok with fast forwarding to New Year’s Eve

When the first week of January ended, there were a few things that were often repeated or quite evident. First off, we were all noting that we were in awe as to how the previous year had gone by in a blur. The year had gone by too fast. We also tended to note that the previous year had been a rough one. Boy, did we cast the previous year in an incorrect light – relative to this one that is. More on that in a second.

That first week of this year was a bit odd. Actually, January in it’s entirety should have given us pause as to what was to come. The pope had slapped a hand away. There were over 500 earthquakes in Puerto Rico. It rained iguanas in Florida. And, Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crashed. I bet many of us are now wondering why we didn’t just try to skip ahead to the next year after such a rough start.

Here we are in the midst of a pandemic. Can’t guess how the rest of this year will go. However, there is no way of us will forget 2020. We are just three months in but I can bet many of us wish we had that remote control gadget in Adam Sandler’s movie that would allow us to just skip ahead.

This time when we are celebrating New Year’s eve we will truly party like its 1999. Or rather, we will party like we just got through a pandemic. Well, who knows. Maybe we will still have to be physically distancing ourselves from one another. If so, hopefully we will havd already mastered by the the art of social distancing. Maybe someone will have invented a device where we can transfer our consciousness throughout the world leaving behind our bodies that need constant hand washing. Maybe there will be a collective virtual reality world like in Ready Player One. I actually liked that movie. Maybe I can rewatch it while I’m learning to play the flute. I’m actually not taking ip an instrument. My son is, however, taking up the harmonica. Let’s see how we survive that.

With that said, we may be able to welcome the new year with many new skills sets and new looks. I have 20 boxes of hair dye ranging from platinum to pink. This will be interesting. But I’d rather still fast forward through this all.

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