Dear April please be better

I am usually a nuance person. That sounds funny. I am usually a person who is comfortable with nuance. I am comfortable with gray. Usually.

However, I am all about the black and white right now. Will things be better or not? Is the road ahead a smooth one? What’s on the horizon? We need a collective reprieve. We need a “yes” to our question as to whether things will be better.

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  1. ….and this too will pass. If we all practice the safety precautions set by the government we will stop this virus and give health professionals a chance to catch up and find a cure. In the mean time we should self examine ourselves and be sure we are acting in a kind and courteous way toward others. The “Yea for me/the heck with you” attitude is what is the most scary right now.


  2. It has to be especially hard for you since you are in New York. And you are also in healthcare. I can understand wanting answers. Man, I want answers. I want them desperately and I don’t even live in a place where the number or cases are that large or where community spread has been determined to be the problem. But … you knew there was a “but” coming … try to continue to be a person comfortable with nuance and all those shades of gray.
    Things will get better. They always do. They might be very different from what they are now. But change is life. Yes, change is hard. I hate change. But I’ve never been disappointed. Things have always gotten better. They will continue to do so.
    Just do the best you can.


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