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Pens in my bath caddy

I will admit I’m a bit anxiety-riddled. And, let’s be clear that’s an understatement. I question my daily decisions. Hope things will turn out ok. But I also very clearly understand that hope can’t be a decision-making factor. My brain feels like it is on fire. My chest does as well. We are inundated in the healthcare system.

Before all this I was taking a nightly bath as my stress-relieving ritual. I read. I watch tv shows. I do also work duringmy baths. Not ideal and goes counter to the bath goals of relaxation. Admittedly, I take work calls. Yikes. However, lately I’ve been working steadily from sun up to late at night. As a result, I have not readily had my daily stress-relieving baths. That makes me sad and more stressed out.

I did manage to take a bath the other night. As I sunk into the warm water, I leaned over to my bath caddy. I chuckled. There in my caddy were a few pens. I could not remember leaving those pens there. I couldn’t remember taking any notes while in the bath. There were no note pads there.

Why am I talking about pens in my caddy? The pens symbolize how little stress relief there really is these days. I can’t even remember needing to scribble. The pens are no fun. I spend too much time note taking throughout the day. I need to put the pen down, sometime.

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  1. Sanctity
    The importance
    Of Sanctity
    That First “Pager”
    Attached to my
    Waist the first
    Glimpse to the
    Highway to
    Hell Without
    Sanctity Without
    A Safe Space At
    Least Within
    They Fail
    Everyone is
    Human so Humans
    Have no other
    But to
    Find a Safe
    Space to Breathe
    Yet the President of
    The US doesn’t even
    Understand the needs
    Of Ventilators for
    Dying People…
    Push Health Care
    Workers off a
    Cliff and
    They May
    Just decide to
    Say No Everyone
    Has A Breaking point
    It’s no Fun Finding
    It and
    A Must
    To Escape
    To Breathe….
    Sanctity of Breath…

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  2. The therapy pool has no place for pens. The tub in my apartment I dare not get into, lest I not manage to get out of in a dignified manner. And around here, if you can’t get up they call the Fire Department, and a squad of handsome strong young men come… I couldn’t possibly let them extract me from the tub, so no tub.

    It is even MORE important to do your stress relievers – or at least have a sardonic attitude about the vicissitudes of life under quarantine – so you don’t despair.

    Get in the tub – the world can wait.


      • Doing fine so far, mostly locked in our apartment, with dinner delivered. We are very careful, and wash our hands a lot, and don’t get near anyone else when we’re out!

        We’re in the age and status cohort that probably will a) have a harder time, and b) may be refused hospital support. Not a good place to find ourselves in, so we are not going to make is easy for the virus to get to us. It literally may be over a year, with an effective vaccine received, before we will leave our apartment. That’s longer than many prison sentences.


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