Hopefully, coming out a stronger butterfly

I’m not in isolation. Not in quarantine. However, I’m also not hanging out at the park. I’m hopeful that in these coming months there will be some improvements to life. Self-improvements as well. I think many are considering what they can do during an extended period of time at home. Some may learn a new language or instrument. Some may learn to code. Others may read a few books. There is so much to do in life and there’s always been an excuse of too little time.

I, myself, have been thinking of what I can do. Sadly, I am in healthcare and have actually had very, very little sleep. I’ve had days where teleconferences started at 7:30am and ended at 10pm. That can be unsustainable. Thus, what can I do during this time to improve myself? I’ve lost weight. But that may not be a good thing. It may be an indicator of stress and unhealthy eating practices. Meaning, not eating and too much pacing. Here’s truly a good thing. Unbelievably, I have stopped biting my nails. Which is a completely contrary action to current events. I’ve been biting my nails since I was a kid. It took coronavirus to get me to stop. My mom would have been amazed, wondering what about coronavirus got me to find my nails less enjoyable. I’m also clearing out my DVR. However, what will I watch when I’ve gone through all my recordings. Studio production of most shows have been suspended. Even Netflix which spits out 20 new shows a week (or so it seems) has stopped. I suppose it is time to catch some classics. Although, I still won’t watch Titanic. Never seen it. Don’t plan to even in the time of Covid.

I am, obviously, also trying to do good by being in the healthcare field. But I’ve been doing that for a while. We are most certainly being tested. Not a day goes by without me wanting to pull out my hair. Which is not good considering hair salons have been ordered shut. I may finally learn to sew as masks are in very low supply. I never wanted to learn to sew this way, though. Regardless, there are many opportunities by which we can seek to improve ourselves. Can learn to cook, tap dance, or become less pitchy. One can attend a virtual symphony, create homemade gifts, write a book, declutter, create a photography journal and so forth.

I’m looking forward to whatever butterfly version I become after this cocoon.

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  1. We should emerge changed – at least by not taking simple things like Netflix shows to complain about for granted.
    Husband is rewatching The Sopranos. Together we’re watching Season Two of Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles – for me, partly to watch the amazing Summer Glau do her thing.
    I’m in the lower end of the most vulnerable group, and we’re in quarantine at the retirement community – but I can still go out for a trike ride, as long as I don’t stop and talk, or get off and touch anything. I’m writing, trying to finish my mainstream novel trilogy while I have the time, and can refocus from the ‘news.’ I just hope to be around when it’s over.
    And I’m wondering what the medical/research world can learn to prevent the next virus event – we surely can’t do this again.
    Please get more sleep – this is not a sprint.


  2. Hello, dear Mimi.
    I believe this situation with the Coronavirus Outbreak is affecting everyone on a certain level. It is said that often, we have to go through storm to enjoy the sun rays, maybe this is what we need to do now.
    I am working from home for a week now, and I am affected to say on a psychological level, as I started having weird dreams and being afraid, even if I don’t want to get panicked.

    I just have hope and believe that God will help us to go through this treat and will keep us safe.

    Take care! ^^


  3. The government and everyone else acts like this is temporary and just a simple response. But I hope that we aren’t going to be experiencing this every “flu season,” going forward and that we aren’t doing irreparable or long term harm to our economy. Lives before dollars, but at some point we can’t keep this up or else we will all be impoverished.


  4. In these most strange times, writing and reading is the best distraction. My latest review. Welcome to follow for more coming up and more already up.


  5. SMiLes, PM; For Years
    Some Folks Have Hoped
    For an ‘Alien Race’ To Attack
    Earth to Bring the World Together
    With One Common Bind A Bond of Enemy
    That Day is
    HeaR Now but the
    Alien Comes from
    Our Home; It’s what
    Nature Just Does;
    BRinGS iT ALL
    to Balance,
    Wittingly or Not;
    As We Help Nature
    Achieve IT; Scientist,
    Guinea Pig, Nature’s
    Never Ending Experiment We aRe too..:)


  6. Seems the virus is spreading more and more in Japan too. Your writing prepares me for whatever I will face in the near future. Take care.


  7. Thank you, Mimi, for your service as a healthcare professional during these extraordinary times! Congratulations for stopping the nail-biting. Please keep yourself healthy, especially during this period!

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