There’s thunder in our minds

At the moment, I write with a tired mind. I’m exhausted. I feel defeated. I feel determined. I basically find myself in a blender of emotions. The taste is partly sour and bitter, and a lot of saltiness. Why? Why not? The world is in chaos. Those of us trying to be logical and provide care to those in need, are being forced to go without our key tools in a pandemic. But I won’t go further into details because there’s plenty out there.

I just want to note how my brain is on fire. It feels like it has been struck by lightning and thunder is on a neverending loop. There’s thunder in our minds, collectively. Supposedly, the Roman philosopher, Lucretius argued that thunder was the the sound of hail colliding within clouds. I’d say thst is an apt description for these times.

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  1. SMiLes Sadly Largely before Where i Live People Believe their ‘Dear Leader’ And now since he changed his mind it’s not a Hoax the Shelves at Stores now are Empty of Meat to Eat Now if he only instructs them to Love What a Leader That Will Be Hope You Safely Remain in Truth’s Wind All Lit Up 🔥
    Fire to See…


  2. I do relate. I think my way of staying even is to do what I can in proximity and not extend past the area where I can be effective. I do what I can do and avoid getting attached to things I can do nothing about.
    Thanks for sharing yourself.


  3. I think I feel more like there are clouds in my mind blocking out the sun. But I surely do understand what you have written. We can only do what we can do. And not lose hope. We are all going to be sorely tested in the weeks to come.


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