We all need to push ourselves to seize the day once the fear has passed

I love travel. I’m itching to go on a trip. I was supposed to go to Iceland again. And, again I won’t be able to. Who knows when I will be able to. Who knows when we all will be able to freely travel without fear of getting sick. The coronavirus pandemic is all-encompassing these days. Instead if being able to roam, need to engage in Netflix marathons while one does social distancing. And, I get that we have to do this. I’m in healthcare. I may even get it myself. Yet, even while isolating ourselves, together is how we will overcome this.

I’m still kicking myself, however. When I had a chance to go to Iceland, I didn’t. When I could have gone to Alaska so that I could then have been to all 50 states, I didn’t. It’s my last remaining state, why can’t I make my way there? Last year I kept kicking myself over not having made my way to the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Remember that fire and worldwide concern? That seems like an eternity ago. Exactly 10 months ago. Just this past December, a news article noted that their is a 50% possibility that it won’t be saved.

We keep losing treasures, icons, and symbols. I keep missing opportunities. It’s frustrating. Once we get through this pandemic, I need to push myself to make opportunities. I think we all will have to make such a promise to ourselves. We all need to push ourselves to seize our collective day once the fear has passed.

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  1. All too easy to keep putting off things because there’s always tomorrow. And then there are no more tomorrows. What you wanted to see is no longer an option. Or you’re too old, too sick, too broke, or too dead.


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