Mom: Hello,text me now!

Children are cute and cuddly and warm. Wait, that’s dogs. Well, maybe kids too. I tease my tween son all the time about his cuddle-factor. He grunts at me when I tease. Yet, he is still cute. Honestly, not much that he can do that would not lead me to think he’s cute. I’m one of those moms. Oh my. Although, there are moments.

I text my son everyday wishing him a good day at school. Often his response to me “I’ll try”. Part of me thinks that’s great that he takes ownership of making his day a good one. Part of wonders what kind of answer is that. Boys! Tweens! Regardless, I text him day in and day out numerous times. I like texting. And, there are times when I get exasperated because he doesn’t reply for several hours. I appreciate instant communication. But I do get he’s got other pressing things during the day.

With that noted, I was recently amused by a different set of texts from him. I was knee deep in meetings and my phone kept buzzing. It was my son texting me. He was asking if his best friend could come over after school. I took a second from my meeting to text my son back. This was about three minutes after his original text. Then, I got about several more in rapid succession. He barely gave me a second to respond.

I was not irritated. I was mildly amused. How the tables were turned. When it was about his social calendar was not to waste time. Got it! I pointed this out to him to no avail. He, of course, felt he was right to expect me to respond immediately. I don’t think that expectation will ever change. And, I’m fine with that as it means we will alwats have those channels of communication open. That warms my heart.