Sonic the Hedgehog was a good first movie of the year for me

Jim Carrey, as an actor, has always been a bit quirky. Ace Ventura and the Mask quite illustrative of his quirky roles. The same could be said of Johnny Depp. Although for both actors, it seems that with their attained success they were given great latitude to become even quirkier. That is where we are at with the Sonic the Hedgehog movie.

I went into the movie cold. Meaning, I had no idea what it was about. However, my son was thrilled to see it and determined to see for himself whether the movie managed to get past its bad teeth press. Well, yes it did.

Unbelievably, the movie based on a video game, was not bad. It was actuslly decent. It had heart, laughs, and a few good lines. Jim Carrey managed to be quirky in a good way. He was a cross between Austin Powers’ Dr. Evil and Stanley Ipkiss (AKA the Mask). At this point in his career he gets to play quirky with abandon. I hope I get to that point soon in my career. Some people may already feel I’ve reached that quirky stage. I feel I can climb a bit higher in that regard. But back to the movie.

Sonic the Hedgehog was a good first movie of the year for me. Last year my first movie was Mary Poppins. I didn’t care too much for it. Although, I did tap along to some of those musical bits. I felt more awake for Sonic, however. Admittedly, it could have been the three lemonhead boxes and my sugared up brain. Yet, I have to admit this movie’s heart is what tugged at my brain and allowed me to like it. There does appear to be a sequel in its future based on the extra scene in the credits. If so, I hope the dog gets more scenes.

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  1. “Sonic The Hedgehog”…
    It only took the Trailer
    For me to figure out his
    “Super Power”.. He’s
    Genuinely Happy Literally
    Out of This World Ecstatic
    Incorrigibly Optimistic no
    Matter What Happens
    DarK Thru Light Living
    His Best Life on the
    Planet Earth.. It is so
    Rare to find Someone
    Genuinely Happy Without
    ‘Additives’ With this Super
    Power You could Be the
    First and Last to stand up
    And Read A Poem about
    Your Wife for a 30th
    Anniversary at Church
    When they ask who
    Is Celebrating one
    At the End of the Service
    When Almost Everyone
    Else Is just in a rush
    To Get the Hell out of The
    Place.. Yes.. Be the First and
    Last to Public Dance even
    Just one Mile now in Your
    Town And Just be Honest
    Where somehow it seems
    Like you Came Back from
    The Living Dead suddenly
    It Just Happened You
    Don’t Know Why.. You
    Are Ecstatically Happy just
    to Breathe the Air now many
    People have Asked me
    For whatever it is that
    Gives me this Super
    Power but it’s True if
    i could Give Evil Dr.
    Robotnik (Trumps) one Teaspoon Of This Super Power ‘They’ Would only
    Live Their Best Life on
    Earth no Longer wanting
    to Just Conquer It Dominate It Consume It And Instead Just Give Their Happiness
    Away for only the Pay of Altruistic Joy… How do
    You Give People Heaven
    Now How do You Put
    The Sonic Hedgehog
    Child back in their
    Eyes i Have to
    Admit for now i
    Just Don’t know
    And It’s Mostly the
    Children who understand
    Where i
    Still Live as it
    Will be ironically Adultly
    Humanly Lonely some
    Days in A Place Like
    This But i Do
    my Best not to
    Be From this Place..
    Even if i am the only
    And Last..
    Except for
    ‘The Children’ of
    Course which explains
    Why 96 Percent of ‘the
    Audience’ Loved it
    And ‘the
    Critics’ the
    Priest Said
    (Who has never
    Been Married)
    ‘my Speech’ S88Ked
    In few words of that Affect..
    As i do my Best to give
    My Super Power to Him
    And His other
    ‘Higher Ups’..;)


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