My burning ears superstition: But it’s my own fault

Despite loving dresses and high heels, as well as wearing them everyday, I have never been a very girlie girl. To some, that just doesn’t add up or make sense. I’m not saying I was a tomboy. But I just was never that into manicures (mani-pedis), for instance. There are many other things I can cite but will not as this isn’t even my main point. I started off by digressing. That may be a new record for me.

But, here we go.

Growing up I was filled with superstitions. Rather, I was constantly told and warned about superstitions. Black cats. Evil eye. Itch palms. Upside down broom. Name it, I’ve probably been warned about it. It made for an interesting childhood. It makes for an interesting adulthood. I grew up believing but was taught to be skeptical. And, now remain in-between.

One bit I was constantly told was that a burning ear meant someone was talking about me. For the life of me, I cannot recall what left versus right ear meant according to my mother. The google machine tells me that left ear burning means someone is talking badly about me. And, lo and behold my left ear has been burning. Considering I am making waves everywhere, I don’t doubt that is correct. However, my left ear is also burning because I accidently flat-ironed it. Oops.

Now, I have been asking myself whether it matters that I literally burned myself. I suppose I can be critical of myself. However, I have fairly good self-esteem. I try not to take things personally. That’s called good compartmentalization or a good coping mechanism. If you knew my exact line of work, you would applaud my coping strategies. Let’s get back to the matter at hand. What does it mean when you burn yourself? Of course, I’m talking about metaphorically. Well, yes I literally burn myself. As such, it must negate the supersition. Although, I am sure that would not matter at all to my mother. A superstition is a superstition. I certainly wish that she was around so that I could ask her. There comes that grief thing again.

Now, you may be harkening back to thd introductory paragraph herein and wondering how I would start off on such a digression. Here’s the thing. Every morning I now do my hair. I wasn’t so hair fussy before. I’ve always had long hair. But it used to be I would let the air dry my curly hair and I’d go sbout my way, with perhaps finger-combing it. Now, I blow dry it. I flat iron it. I style it. I fix it throughout the day. Does that mean I’m a girlie-girl? Of course not. That would be stereotyping and preposterous. However, I most certainly have changed my disposition. We evolve. We grow. Stop growing, we die.

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  1. “We evolve. We grow. Stop growing, we die.” -by PM from New York.. New York as such
    So Eloquently and Simply Put for the Obvious recipe for continuing Existence Success..
    True.. This is what all of Creation Does that continues to not only Survive but Thrive in
    More Light True.. But true too.. i remember Days of ‘Sitting Still’ Living with Superstitions
    perhaps better Put a flavor of Autism and OCD.. when a Young Child Riding my Bicycle
    around the Neighborhood Block.. Stuck in making the ‘Sign of the cross’ across my Face
    for security of soul but perhaps forgetting at those moments that
    Riding with my Hands on the Handle Bars a Safer way to
    tour the Neighborhood.. hehe.. but again as Neuro-
    Science Shows Humans are Emotional
    And Feeling Creatures First Reason
    Comes Next as we continue to
    Basically Hallucinate
    our realities based
    on the Hallucinations
    our Minds Create from Experience/now
    ‘Some’ with more Secure Handle Bars than
    others for truly i created the Story of Crossing
    Myself while riding around my Block Hands Free..
    what else.. yes.. when i went to the Movie Theater
    My Eyes Burned when watching Godzilla.. instead
    of realizing the Movie was giving me anxiety i went
    to the Concessions stand about 20 times and asked
    the Woman there if my eyes were red.. honestly people
    were so much more Compassionate in ‘those days’ as she patiently
    told me no each and every time with a smile and didn’t ask/tell me
    if/i was
    Literally Nuts
    and now i just
    Collect them
    as any Human Squirrel will.. hehe…
    Fear is the Enemy.. Leave Fear Behind
    And limitless possibilities arise that we
    never thought were possible before..
    A life without Fear is truly Bliss
    but only when Love
    it to make
    the Entire
    Existence a
    3rd Grade Valentine’s Lover
    without fear doing least Harm Possible AFAiF(Feel)


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