I’ll sleep on the train ’cause there’s no sleep till Brooklyn

I am in a major sleep deficit nowadays. I’m tired. Bogged down in fits of exhaustion and desire for REM. I would fervently relish going to sleep at a decent hour and dreaming of daffodils. But, I am in a sleep deficit. And, one cannot readily make up for sleep deficits. That time is gone, gone, gone. Sadly, I am not the only one who feels this way. It is recommended that, on minimum, you sleep seven hours a night. However, I do not know many people who get that much sleep. I for one, am lucky to get six hours of sleep.

One way I try to get around my sleep deficit is by sleeping on the train till I hit Brooklyn. That is the beauty of New York. You do not need to drive and can thus either work some more or actually get some rest during your commute. Which is why I never understood those I knew in San Francisco who, despite there being public transportation system, preferred to drive. They said they wanted control. I say I want sleep. Or at least not to have to worry about not hitting someone. I like spacing out. I like that, if needed, I can continue to work. My train ride is an extension of my office hours. I answer emails. I hold business calls. I review documents. I rather do it in the train than have to work from home.

Although, I really should focus on sleeping than working. That sleep deficit will not be erased and will just deepen if I don’t sleep on the train. I just need to put my earbuds in and play some Beastie Boys.

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  1. All my remedies fail when you’re trying to make up sleep – on public transportation.
    If you can’t sleep at home when you’re supposed to (my problem), CBD oil sprayed under the tongue can help. Assuming you have access to it in NYC.


  2. I like to people watch on the train … furtively … and half listen in on conversations. I get the best snippets of New York that way, grist for the writer’s mill!


  3. I find too many days with less than 8 hours does me in. One’s body goes thru cycles of deep sleep and light sleep and deep sleep again. It works out for me that I’m coming up for the last time somewhere between 8 and 9 hours. If I wake up in the middle of a cycle I am miserable that day.

    OTOH, if I am deep into deficit, I’ve been known to sleep 12 hours.


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