A tablespoon of snark and a pinch of unpredictability at the Oscars

Well, the awards season has reached an end until the fall comes back around. Lots of pastels on the red carpet. It’s like they took a page out of my pink handbook. Going into the evening, everyone noted that the four acting categories were all set. Not much intrigue coming into the Oscars. Brad Pitt was to win for Best Supporting Actor and sure enough it was a big night for Brad Pitt who won the first award of the evening, his first acting Oscar ever for his work in “Once Upon a Time … In Hollywood“. Admittedly, I was thrilled for him. Toy Story 4 won. Ho hum. Hair Love won, while expected, was a good thing. Laura Dern won as well and her speech was short and sweet. She’s won all the other awards leading up to this one thus, I imagine she’s already said it all. Parasite won for best international film- which was expected. Deservedly, Joaquin Phoenix won for best actor and I loved his portrayal of the Joker. I will never watch that movie again but I did enjoy its odd darkness.

On a completely different front, I loved the young actress, Julia Butters, who brought a turkey sandwich in her purse. My son, were he to attend the Oscars would stuff either chicken nuggets or a slice of pizza, in his suit pockets. Or he would make me carry it in my purse. He might also pull a Jason Derulo and totally fall down the stairs in style. That was actually quite a scary fall and my son went through one this year. Yikes.

Overall, the show was ok. The Oscars went hostless and as a result there was a bit of heightened snark throughout the evening. It’s as if each presenter was given a list of zingers with which to pepper the award show. There were some funny, snarky lines that made one forget there wasn’t a host. By not having a host, it seems everyone who went on the stage felt an obligation to entertain. It’s an interesting phenomenon. Would we all act similarly if at a hostless event? I imagine so.

And, just when it seemed it would all be predictable Bong Joon Ho won for best original screenplay for Parasite. If you haven’t seen the film, go watch it as quickly as you can. Biting. Insightful. Then Eminem, an hour later, performed his 2002 Oscars winning song for 8 Mile. I liked how the performance broke up the monotony and it was quite random. Very random. Out of nowhere. Then Bong Joon Ho won for best director seemingly coming out of nowhere as Sam Mendes had been winning that all season long. Then Parasite beat out 1917 for best director. I think the screams of cheer were deafening. We like unpredictability. Let’s keep it going.

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  1. “Employed by a wealthy family (A Country Where Truth/Love is Wealth)
    by infiltrating their household (World) and posing as unrelated, highly qualified individual(s).”
    My God You Know Who could have ‘HiS’ own Solo Screen Play for this but why be Snarky
    i’ll come ‘right’ out and say it.. the Six Letter World ‘Trump(s)’ Perhaps “HiS” Only Award
    Will Be a ‘Onesie Orange Jump Suit’ But Wait ‘He’ Already Lives there in the
    Hell of Fear, Lies, and Hate for those who are Different
    but Secretly
    he is
    so so
    Super Kinky..
    Hey.. i’ll forgive
    ‘the Devil’ so perhaps
    there is Hope/Rehab for ‘Parasites’
    of Fear, Lies, and Hate for any other
    thing Different to Latch on to for the most different of all…
    It’s Really Ironic but it’s common.. the lowest of the low still
    tend to try to peck one
    order higher below
    to increase their
    Sadly Low Levels
    of Serotonin Esteem
    But Really Really We
    Never Rise All In All Until
    Now We Become The All
    Where Valleys are Mountains
    High and Dark Becomes Light…
    ‘Egregores’ of course the “Joker”
    Won as for now the Dark
    Force Won too
    as Fiction
    is usually
    A Reflection
    of the Overall Reality of Culture’s ‘Mind’..
    for what has come and still remains to be..
    The Artists are still ‘the Prophets’ the ones
    ‘Who KnoW’
    Meets Light…
    Anyway.. when i was (anciently)
    Younger my Hobby was keeping
    Track of all Cultural Change and it
    Was so easy with one Movie Theater
    With One Screen and 3 Black And White
    TV Channels Naturally We have Google Cliff notes now
    for the Whole Damned More Interesting than ever Human Show..
    for the
    Notes.. i find
    them everywhere i go..
    Writing an Epic Long Form
    Poem about this World (UniVerse) now requires
    A Very Wide Paint Brush and all the F in Details..
    And Honestly 7.7 MiLLioN Words in 77 Months now
    190,441 Photos Captured of it (A Very Cosmopolitan
    Mall in a Tourist City with so many ‘Colors of People’
    A Huge Resource) with 12,681 Miles of Public Dance
    to really get to know and feel and sense all the colors
    of the People in Person in 77 Months with 10,000 or so
    YouTube Videos that Naturally Capture the World Culture
    Historically and Present too really just barely scratches the
    Yet some folks
    Believe that a ~780,000 Word
    Book (Bible) or an ~80,000 Word
    ‘other Book’ without any illustration
    is enough to cover anything really at all…
    How could anyone even Put Love in a Book it
    just never
    Beyond Infinity
    Different Every Present Now of now..
    so really it is nothing more than a Never
    Air in a
    Butterfly Net
    of Joy DarK Thru Light..
    Why Peck the Smallest Order
    Down When the Ocean Never Ends
    Above Below..
    In Truth
    In Light
    i Thrive..
    Out of DarK…
    Moral of THiS Short
    Story “HiS”/’He’ is ‘God’
    IT is really not Just Trump(S) All in All.


  2. I don’t watch the Oscars or any such event but I do muse humorously in my mind; How does ‘Actress 123009’ sit down whilst wearing a giant glitter ball spewed up by a famous designer, How long does it take to remove said glitter ball dress to do a quick piss!, Does anyone ever get the wrong food and if so how do they react?, And has anyone ever got an amazon delivery the next day because they couldn’t attend to claim their prize

    And the one person I would like to see, but never would get to see; The poor sod quietly uttering curses behind the curtain and gesturing for celebs to stop talking and get off stage, or have to point out to humanitarian of the year, mega celeb and mr/mrs fussy and wants a pet gold fish in their changing room; that the envelope is upside down …oh the fun of watching that!


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