Almost had to cut my way out of a dress

Sometimes I am very silly. Very silly, indeed. I am a fairly smart woman but there are times, namely in the am before coffee, where I’m a bit fuzzy and may not think through everything in a particular scenario. Such was life one day this past week.

I was still recovering from my bout with the flu. I was not drinking as much coffee, as a result. I was more focused on my orange juice and my echinacea tea with honey. But I managed to drink one cup of coffee. Yet, one cup was not enough to help me get dressed that morning.

I had just recently ordered a cute new long dress through Amazon. I put it on to see how it would look not completely wedded to wearing it that day. It looked fine but I wondered if I should wear another dress. I went to take off the dress and couldn’t. I could not get it past my head. I laughed. I tried and tried. I laughed. I tried some more. I sighed. I looked at the scissors. I shook my head at myself. I sighed. I decided to just leave the dress on as is.

I got ready and left for work. Throughout the day people commented on how cute the dress was. I smiled and thanked people for the compliment. Meanwhile, inside my head I knew that I might have to cut the dress off of me.

Eventually I made it back home and somehow I thought that maybe I’d have better luck in getting the dress off. No go. I tried and tried to pull it up and off all the time wondering how could I find myself stuck in a dress. I started getting frustrated and tried yanking it over my head. Then I heard a zipper ripping sound. I looked and realized there had been a side zipper all along. What had I been thinking? I hadn’t. I had been a zombie all day. Hopefully, I’ll remember to look next time.

Zombified. What a life.

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  1. No doubt if i was a Woman
    I’d have to ask my Wife
    Where the Zipper is
    To get out of a Dress…
    (Yes.. if i was a Woman
    I’d Still be Married
    To a Woman there
    Is no other way for me)
    She Travels Around
    With A Balloon
    Filled With
    Helium constantly
    And Occasionally
    Violently Yanking
    It Back Down
    To Earth
    Anyway… A Best
    Sign of Mental
    Health is
    We Jovially
    Laugh at our
    Self and
    Silly a
    Delight in Life…
    Your Story is Fun!..:)


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