I too hate cleaning my cereal bowls

I am proudly a GenXer. I still like the movie Reality Bites. I believe that because we are the smallest generation we had to rise up faster. Everyone, admittedly, has a different take on our generation. And, that is ok.

Despite bring a proud member of Generation X, there are a few things that I can agree with millennials on. As a matter of fact, some people believe I am a millennial. Apparently, I talk and eat like a millennial. Well, according to Buzzfeed. Whatever that means.

Here’s the thing. I grew up with cereal. Most of my friends of the same generation did as well. We liked cereal. We can probably sing many cereal jingles. It was fun to eat cereal till it wasn’t. Here’s the other thing. Apparently millennials are killing the cereal industry. They are eating far less cereal than the groups before them. According to some survey reports, millennials hate cleaning the cereal bowl. And, that is where I agree. I can’t stand it for some reason. Actually, I know why. The cereal bowl is always sticky and hard to clean. Cereal has a way of sticking around. And, in a fast-paced world, I don’t have time to clean that. Although, cereal doesn’t have to be microwaved and that is a plus. I just ate cereal for dinner. Specifically, Captain Crunch and it was a jolt to the pat and so very delicious. But then I had to spend time rinsing it. I get it. It’s silly to even waste time thinking and worrying about this. As a typical GenXer I’m moving on.

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  1. I’m pretty solidly a Baby Boomer. Born in 1952, I’m almost smack dab in the middle of the range of years. I grew up eating cooked oatmeal or poached eggs for breakfast. A box of Cheerios was a Saturday morning treat. And I wasn’t allowed to add sugar. I never did learn to like breakfast cereals, although breakfast granola is nice. Guess I missed out on that whole thing. Such is life. 🙂
    Loved your story! You always make me think.


  2. i asked my Wife what happens
    to the Oatmeal Bowl if Oatmeal is left
    in it and it is not rinsed out.. she replied it is a bit
    like Washing out a Bowl of Hardened Concrete
    She eats Cereal and says it is not quite the
    consistency of Concrete
    if she were to let
    the remains dry
    before wiping
    and rinsing…
    She is a
    Cleaning Perfectionist (TG)
    that’s Her Baby and she won’t
    let me touch it.. meh.. i’m on the
    Tail End of the Boomer Generation
    in 1960.. i was definitely a latch-key
    Child who was assigned no chores..
    on top of that i have extreme tactile
    sensitivity and can’t stand to touch stuff
    coming out of the Dryer.. My Wife who is
    a Solid Generation X’er born in ’70 still refers
    to my Generation as the me generation of the 2 Year-old..
    i used to take care of the Yard as a Perfectionist then delegated
    that Authority to a
    Lawn Service..
    it was a whole lot
    more fun than the
    Job i used to do..
    As Long as all the Jobs
    Get Done and the Workers are
    Happy i suppose all is OK somehow
    i fell into the opportunity to do
    i don’t
    think there
    is a label yet
    for my Generation..
    Except perhaps the ‘Tarot Fool’…
    interestingly my Numerology Report
    does provide the Fool Number Zero for the
    First Life Challenge of (freedom to do whatever)
    Followed by Three ones; yes, 0,1,1,1, the Number
    1 challenge is Just affirmation for what you are already doing
    Standing on
    Top of a
    Falling off..
    i chose the Dancing
    the Tight Rope Option..;)


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