Now it is time to swell back down

I did pretty well this holiday season. I didn’t overindulged. I just indulged. I didn’t over-buy. I just bought enough. I didn’t over-reflect. I just reflected what I needed in order to keep moving forward. I’d like to say that I applied the right lessons from past holiday seasons. However, I reflected enough to know that is not true.

It just so happens that I didn’t have enough time this year to do anything to a crazy amount. There’s something to be said to be knee-deep in frenetic constant life movement. I was to busy to over indulge. Go figure. Which is a good thing as I don’t have to start off the year trying to undo things that were done in a short span of time. I’m excited about that. Instead, I can start off the year fully throttle forward.

It’s a little unlike New York at this point in time. New York city has a lot of residents. And, that is a vast understatement. There are approximately 8.4 million people. That is double that of Los Angeles. That number doesn’t even include all the people who work in New York who commute in each day from New Jersey, Long Island, Connecticut, and Westchester. The city swells up enormously each day.

During the holiday season New York swells up even more. Over a million people stood in Times Square New Year’s eve to watch the ball drop. They were packed in like sardines which helps with the cold weather. Now that the ball has dropped and there aren’t “eating” holidays coming up for a while, it is time for things to calm down and shrink back. Now, we will just have the usual eight to ten million people on any given day. Time to swell back down. Mesnwhile, I can just go about my usual exercise routine in my chaotic world.

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  1. All iS WELL the Holiday
    SeaSon WHere i Live
    May Be Summed up
    iN A 3 Letter Word
    Non-Conducive to
    Winning A Bet
    With My Wife
    Actually two that
    In Part May be Associated
    Still With my New Year’s Resolution And they are
    Both Senior Citizen
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    A Place of
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    Of The Nature that
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    Love Breathes
    Free just in Case anyone
    Wonders Why oh
    Why So
    Cheese Cake.. Hehe…
    #LiveLifeLongNowPlayNakedFreeBeWindSMiLes2020 too..;)


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