Twas many nights past Christmas and there came an upper respiratory infection

It is Friday. How exciting! A short work week. Next week we really dive in to making the year all that it can be. I normally wish to not wait. However, I have become a statistic. Like countless others I have come down with aches, chills, and general fatigue. I am not the only one. After much holiday prep and stress, many feel a bit of that “coming down” effect. Our bodies worked hard and hard and then there was merriment. And, then came the flu or an upper respiratory infection. Twas many nights past Christmas and the coughs, sneezes, and aches are keeping one up. If you were to go to any urgent care waiting room just now, there would be many a miserable people. Some wearing masks. Some doing crossword. Others napping while they can. Time to turn off all devices, drink lots of tea, and bingewatch some sleep-inducing shows.

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  1. SMiLes i often find
    Rest in Common
    Colds… Best
    Wishes for
    A Break for
    Binging TV… Hehe..
    i Woke Up With a Sign
    Last Sunday At the End
    Of “the Old Year” i
    Found My Achilles
    Heel strained With
    No Reason Other
    Than Public
    Dancing Half
    The Distance of
    The World Feeling
    So Strong on Top
    Of A Sprained
    Achilles Heel
    Will Surely
    Topple Us Too…
    As Always A Deeper
    Meaning For me…
    Kindness for
    “Using” the World
    Continues in
    The Direction
    Of Trumpish
    So i Refuse to
    Dance And Sing
    That Way for Now
    That is a
    Achilles Heal..
    SeeKinG Truth In LiGHT
    Over Using Lies In DarK👽

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