Then she saw the hood

She kept humming “London’s calling…” on repeat for hours. She was excited to hit the friendly, not-so-friendly skies. She took the elevator down to get the boxes. They contained all she would need for her adventure. Maybe she was a tad bit over prepared. But she relished in her shopping adventures. And, her sword was quite magnificent. She had it engraved with her favorite phrase.

She made her way down and pulled out the locker key. Then she saw the hood. She reached for the gate.

It wasn’t going to happen. As Ayra noted on her favorite television show, “not today.” Indeed, not today.

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  1. SMiLes.. Sooner or later
    The Hood Opens and You
    See the Engine’s Condition
    My Mother Didn’t Realize
    You Changed The Oil i
    Bought That Car From
    Her With A Problem but
    I’ll never Blame Her
    For this Life i Live
    Meh.. Just
    Replace the
    Engine Do It
    Yourself Again
    And Learn to Love It..:)


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