Is anything unfathomable anymore: I threw out a pair of shoes

Stop the presses. I did something unfathomable. A bit inconceivable. I love that word, by the way. Ever since I watched the Princess Bride, I have been amused by the word inconceivable. I just want to say it in numerous ways placing the emphasis in random places. Try saying it. It is a fun word. It brought comic relief to the movie. Well, the movie was a comedy, after all. Well, it actually isn’t. Its a fantasy, adventure film. But I do believe it should officially be classified as a romantic comedy. Well, it very well might be. It’s one of thise rare films that crosses genres and its categorization lies in the eye of the beholder. It is similar to how many of us classify Die Hard as a Christmas movie. How can anyone not think of it as a Christmas film is beyond me.

But back to what unfathomable thing I did. By the way, is anything unfathomable anymore? On the news, I tire of hearing on a daily basis of how we are in uncharted territory. How things happening today were inconceivable a decade ago. Can we just stop saying that? If things are no longer inconceivable, let’s reconstruct the concept. By the way, post-modern theory classes these days must be either full of vigor and debate or completely irrelevant. Perhaps both.

Despite the times, I did do something that is completely inconceivable in my world. Wait for it. I threw out a pair of shoes. The horror! It is quite hard for me to part ways with a pair of shoes. Somehow, however, I wore these heels down in less than six months. And, I didn’t even go dancing in them. I have no idea how I mightily scuffed those shoes as that is very unlike me. Yet, somehow I did. Maybe I sleptwalked with them on. Maybe I took the heel and scolded someone with it. I just can’t remember doing that but it doesn’t mean it is inconceivable.

I bid adieu to my shoes for a good 10 seconds. Then I went and bought a new pair. Everything is replaceable. That’s the real moral of the story.

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  1. Somehow I liked that rambling soliloquy you wrote. Kinda made me giggle and your all over the place post is representative of the way life comes at us all now. Just an FYI, I too have those shoe issues. I threw out a couple of pairs last week…inconceivable! Yikes. Could I actually be acting like a responsible adult? ????? NAW. 😂

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  2. Shoes, like most things, are just not made the way they used to i.e. they’re made to be replaced quickly. This concept, in earlier times when life moved at a slower pace, was inconceivable. And thanks for putting that word forward. I prefer it to unbelievable, which I often hear misused when, again, something hitherto inconceivable is happening right in front of the person using the expression. Since I’ve never seen The Princess Bride, I had not seriously considered the word, though clearly I did know and do appreciate the concept greatly.


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