It wasn’t me

I am sometimes easily amused. I like to laugh. I’m also not readily offended. I do find some things, or rather some people, distasteful. But back to being amused. There are times when I sit in meetings or other discussions where I want to issue a disclaimer.

I could issue a disclaimer regarding my lack of interest. I could issue a disclaimer as to how no matter what they say, I will still not believe them. I am sure many of us would want to issue such a disclaimer. Then there’s the funniest disclaimer of “it wasn’t me.” There’s a song from a decade or more ago by Shaggy in which he notes he was caught red-handed doing a number of bad things but yet it wasn’t him. It is an extremely silly song. However, its silliness perfectly encapsulates the “it wasn’t me” defense. More often than not, it actually was the person claiming that it wasn’t them.

Yet, there are those times when it wasn’t me, or him, or her. I’m sure right now, there’s a lot of people saying “I’m not the whistleblower,” while thousands jokingly noted on Twitter that they are the whistleblower. I was reminded of all this when I went to restroom on Amtrak and it was a horrible mess. I begrudgingly used the restroom even while I kept thinking of how the next person may think I’m the one who caused the mess. It’s not like I could exit the restroom singing “it wasn’t me”. Further, in potentially less embarrassing situations the “it wasn’t me” posture can be just as awkward. Considering these days all the paranoia that exists across situations, we may want to just wear a shirt saying that it was someone else.

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