She was leaving those with empty hearts behind

She was almost finished. Everything had been packed up except for a few items. A few words. 1000s of words. Just bundled and crumpled. Words that were once meaningful and now are empty.

Empty containers. An empty glass. Emptiness. No labels. Once the containers provided nourishment now it was all just air. But her heart wasn’t empty. Her’s was full because she felt. She was leaving those with empty hearts behind.

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  1. This Is Very Very Inspiring Truly Hope That All 47 Folks Who ‘Liked’ It
    Really Read it and Just Did Not Do a Drive By ‘Like’ On the Word Press
    Reader As Really That’s What the ‘Whole Thing’ is DeSiGNeD For Hit and Run
    As Everything in this
    World Bows
    to the
    of Get IT
    All done QUICK like
    A Pill for A Headache
    Or a “Roman’s 10:9 Recipe”
    Quick Without ADDreSSinG
    And Uncovering The Root of
    Stress That Makes the Headache Even
    Happen And Never Ever Having a Headache
    Again.. Smiles Works for me after finally figuring
    IT ALL out Finding Emotions in PriSon Letting Them all Go Free ALiVE
    No! Yes! A 66-Month Headache Then Worse than the Pain of A Dentist Drill
    With No Drug in Right Eye and Ear that Will Touch IT IS a Bad Place to Be But Yes An
    Even Worse
    Place to
    Is Hell
    Now With No
    Feelings at ALL..
    Smiles my FRiEnD
    Yes my FRiEnD as Now
    i See All of Existence as
    FRiEnD i Spend all Day
    WRiTinG NoTeS oF
    FeeLinGS as
    i understand
    All that
    Will Take Hell Away Healing ALL
    NoW i used to Hoard my Memories
    of Feelings in things too as Yes i was
    Afraid then ‘those’ Were my Feelings and
    they would Go Away forever if i let the ‘likes’ go…
    i recently took a Photo of the Memory of 21 Pairs
    of Nike Shox Shoes that carried me through and still
    Do 12,177 Miles of Public Dance.. i took a Photo of them
    And Gave them all away to Good Will No Different than the
    Copy Right i will never own of all the Notes of my Love i send to the World
    Who if anyone
    Receives them
    for i am that Love Now This Love i am
    With SMiLes of Course the Distance in
    Hell one Never Travels Eternally Now
    is Just
    a Never
    Now Within
    Another place
    That Never Goes Away Now..
    Meh.. Like a Really Big Blue Diamond
    An Elderly Lady Tosses over the Bow
    of a Ship (‘Titanic’) to the Bottom of the Ocean
    NoW as She Realizes the Hope of Love Diamond
    Is as Alive as it ever is
    iN HeART of
    SPiRiT That
    is Her
    Young Soul of Love NoW..
    With or Without the “King of the World”.. 🙂


      • Smiles for Western Civilization the Majority of
        Headaches Are Tension Related As Emotional Stress Not Released By ‘Sitters’ Will often transfer itself To Move the Muscles of Our Neck to Strangle our Head like An Amazon
        Snake who no longer
        Has Mind and Body
        Balance Where Natural
        Movement Burns off
        Stress Chemicals in
        Our Bloodstream
        And Provides Bio-Feed
        Back IF Whole body
        Movement to relax our
        Neck Muscles and make
        Our Headaches go away
        Hehe in A New York
        Minute yes Headaches
        Can be An indicator
        Of Physical illness
        But negative Stress
        And the impact of
        Stress Chemicals
        Chronically Will
        Slowly Destroy just
        About every bodily
        System We Have
        As the Amazon
        Snake slowly
        Strangles itself Or
        Just does it with an
        Opiate prescription
        Or such As that for
        A Faster demise or
        Just a Life that does
        Not Feel Worth living…
        My 94 Year-old Aunt
        Used to tell me she could
        Tell her headaches to go
        Away but at age 47 i just
        Had never learned to
        Emotionally Regulate
        And Sensory integrate…
        Moving Meditation Works
        For me but in all cases
        For Tension Headaches
        A most Common Somatic
        Barometer of Human
        Stress some method of
        Body Feedback is
        Required so those
        Neck Muscles will
        Relax as We Become
        The Master Guru
        Massage therapists
        For Floating Cloud
        Relaxation At Best With
        A Mind And Body In Balance In Nirvana Flow
        Where Human Potential
        Smoothly Blasts off haha
        Most people are Afraid they will look ‘retarded’
        And ‘Awkward’ if they let
        Their Body move as it
        Intuitively Decides to
        Do Without outside
        Instruction if
        It Does look that
        Way that’s also
        What a Child who
        Babbles before they
        Sing or even Speak does
        As Well problem Is when
        We tell our kids quiet
        Hands And Feet In
        Church when
        All they Want
        To do is see a
        Balanced Face of
        ‘God’ Peaceful and
        Calm intuitively come
        To Fruition i have a
        University Degree
        In Health Science
        But it took me 66
        Months to
        Find the Mind
        And Body Balance
        To make A 66 Month
        Stress related Headache
        Go away for really as
        Metaphor that’s where
        all 19 Medical Disorders
        Came From
        The Disease of
        Modern Society
        Vague Fear that we
        Come to accept as
        Normal and living
        Death a price for
        Dying Slower now
        When the Dance
        Stops so does our
        SPiRiT and the
        Snoopy of
        HeART And
        SouL Moving
        Thriving Shining
        As The Flowers and
        Seeds do that Create
        That Twinkle in the
        Night Sky and Sparkle
        In our Eyes as Above
        So Below as Stars
        And Planets and
        Other Celestial
        ‘Beings’ like
        Us too
        Quit moving
        We All Lose
        Mastery of Gravity
        That Stephen Hawking
        Equates to God and
        The ‘Pit’
        As ‘they’
        Of the
        Black Abyss
        Smiles Cognitive
        Behavioral therapy
        And Drug therapy is
        Not enough as the
        Patient (me) taught
        My Psychiatrist who
        Watched me Solve
        A 66 Month problem
        He couldn’t ‘touch’
        He Quit his practice
        To teach movement
        Therapy at a Hospital
        Down South and
        Gave me
        Credit for
        Inspiring him
        As i flew over
        His Cuckoos nest
        Yes the Society
        Of Ignorance
        Of Dance
        We Both lived
        i also saw him
        Genuinely Smile
        Without A Prescription
        For Pain and Numb
        That Walmart and
        Church Faces
        Still show
        So Far away
        And BreaKinG
        Out of Prison ‘time’
        Anyway Eastern
        A Religion
        Of Body Mind
        Soul Western
        Religion still
        Bows to idols of
        Words and Sadly
        Science Historically
        But that is changing
        Now like a Slow
        The only Cost
        Bliss Nirvana
        Flows Celestial
        Beings Mastering
        Gravity As God
        As Gravity
        Us Wholey..🕺🌻🌟


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