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The Amazing Joker: Where does the truth lie?

I often digress and take a while to get to a main post in order to have a well worthwhile buildup. However, I will just go ahead and note the movie Joker was phenomenal. It was dark, depressing, and disturbing. It was also dynamic. Undoubtedly, Joaquin Phoenix deserves an Oscar nomination.

Now, there are some who were supremely disturbed by the film. It is, indeed, not for everyone. There are scenes where you flinch. There are scenes where one is sadly reminded of how mental health parity doesn’t exist. The mental health system is fractured. There are scenes that make you feel sympathy for a killer. It is not a straightforward right versus wrong film.

There are also scenes, including the ending, that are hard to completely explain. With the main question being was it real or not? And it is fitting that we should question what occurred. Joker, or Arthur Fleck, is an extremely unreliable narrator. As an auteur, we don’t know where he stands and where he is taking us. Where does the truth fall? A fitting question for our times. And one for which there are many interpretations.

My take: it was all fake.

“I used to think my life was a tragedy. But now I realize. It’s a comedy” – Joker

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  1. Someone said to me yesterday that a client (14 year old boy) asked her “what is truth?” It stopped her a bit before she said back “what do you think truth is?” Perspective is everything. I’ll eventually see the Joker. Fantastic reviews so far.


  2. Sky Fall… Sky FaLL AGain…
    “Where Does ‘ThE’ Truth Lie”
    Somewhere Between Villain
    And Hero.. in other Words an
    Only Real Difference Empathy…
    Empathy Born Empathy Gardened
    Ranging from
    A Nicest
    Most Loving
    Person with
    Compassion for
    Others to Yes A
    Newer Quintessential
    Example of what Happens
    when a Select Group of People
    Elect a Batman Style Joker to Be Prez..
    in other Words an Emperor Clothed With
    Lies Gaslit as Truth for those who Follow
    Relatively what they see as truth that other
    Folks see as lies but it is so true they really
    Believe IT.. WHere is Faith in Humanity WherE
    Is Faith in Truth Where is Faith in anything NoW but
    Saying Faux News is Gospel Truth that’s not the way
    i see Faith in FacT i Don’t see it at All i Feel the Wind of
    Truth and Light in me A Spirit in A Sky that is my Soul the
    HeART of LoVE That Continues to Fly Higher as Fear and Hate
    Down… A best
    case scenario i see…
    when A Joker now who
    is a New Emperor with
    Only Clothes.. oF Lies
    Is All Around town now
    Find those HUMANS
    who Believe
    in Truth
    in Light
    Who Truly Care Now For
    Other Human Beings and
    Stand Tall While Sky fall takes Place..
    hmm.. there is a Song for that the one
    that comes Before 2020 Sees ‘Wind’ again..
    MeanWhile A Joker is here Large in Charge.. We ‘Sky Fall’ A bit for Real some more..
    True the Dark is not all Bad A Truth Still is.. DarK Muses LovE LiGHT WiLL even more…
    i suppose that is a
    Lesson of the
    New Batman
    Movie to Show
    of the
    Dark and then
    to do our best to
    escape that Labyrinth
    that Maze BacK iNto Light..
    WHere A Sky is No longer Falling Catching up..:)


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