She once swung happily into the realm of no pain

Nostalgia often got the best of her. Even nostalgia for things she never experienced herself. Research now showed that you could remember other people’s experiences as if they were your own. Tonight was one of those times.

She was feeling antsy and went for a walk to the park where her mom used to play. She saw the swings, the basketball court, and the bench. Though, she obviously didn’t know her mother as a kid, she could vividly see her playing there. She was once happy. She once swung happily into the realm of no pain. Her mom never had that happiness again. She felt it in her moonlit bones. She carried the scars.

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  1. It’s No Wonder that
    Poets in General are
    Assessed by Science
    As Having Bi-Polar
    Conditions of Life
    In much Higher
    Percentage than
    ‘Normal’ For
    True i surely
    Have Nostalgia
    For Heaven and Hell
    Finally Mastering the
    Mind and Body Soul
    i am Blessed with yes it
    Is true when strangers
    Say i am the happiest
    Kindest person they’ve
    Ever met yet for 66
    Months my Air Force
    Major Psychiatrist
    Who Dealt with
    War Torn Combat
    Fatigue Veterans
    Said he had never
    Encountered a more
    Difficult case of
    Anxiety and
    Depression than
    Me offering no
    Solution other
    Than implanting
    An Experimental
    Vagal Nerve stimulator
    To Feel any color of
    Life at all that my
    Insurance surely
    Would not cover..
    i have been so
    Fortunate as none
    Of my close family
    Members have experienced
    Chronic Severe
    Depression for
    Having Nostalgia
    Of how deep the
    Pit of Hell Is
    A Greatest Fear
    A Close loved one
    Going there as i
    Fully realize
    There are
    Places of
    Numb where
    One is Ghost
    And impossible
    To receive or
    Give Human
    Touch.. the Poetry
    World is surely not
    Safe as almost every
    Person i have met
    Has suffered from
    That continues
    To come and go..
    But i am still A
    Veteran of Dark
    And Light And
    Remain their
    Friend for
    Of How Very
    Deep and Long
    Hell Goes for the
    Real Devil in Hell
    Realizes to his greAtest
    Surprise still there is
    Forgiveness in Hell
    From Nature
    Possible no
    Matter how
    Far Down
    If one
    Never Gives
    Up in Black Abyss..
    Yes.. Soul lessons still
    Of Heaven and Hell
    For Real… “Dante’s
    Book” is Child’s
    Play for the
    I’ve Seen In Hell
    And ‘Jesus’ hasn’t
    Even touched the
    Realm of Heaven’
    At least not in
    Attributed Books
    I personally experience
    Now yes Heaven and
    Hell are as Real as
    Blind And See now
    For those who
    Say neither exist
    Or they exist
    After Death they
    Simply Have not
    Fully Died And Lived
    The Potentials of
    Eternal Now
    DarK And LiGHT
    Only Poetry can
    Come close to
    Either Place
    Sure i do
    My Best To
    Leave a Stairway
    To Both Places
    The Job
    Of Poetry
    A ‘Job’ of Love

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