Tomorrow she would see

Her eyes were tired and blurry. But she really wanted to finish her evening reading. It was important to her to read as much of she could to be prepared for tomorrow. To be alert, ironically enough, for what hardship the day was bound to bring.

She grabbed the glasses. Not hers. But her mother’s. The last remaining bit. She put on her mother’s glasses and saw even less than before. She was tired from wondering whether life had passed her by. She wanted freedom but didn’t know how to get it. She needed to see life through the lens of another so that she could break free. Tomorrow would be key. Tomorrow she would see.

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  1. Evocative! I get to see too. Have I a surprise? Or is it kindly semi-predictable after all? I’ve a week til I one way away from “here” to “there”. I haven’t seen her In a month this last week completes close enough two years since clapping eyes and a hug on her. It obviously isn’t a sweeping into the life forward together right now or before. Will the seeming tomorrow hold her. Will I see a surprise? I’m not 15 so let’s get those ridiculous occurances of the possibles swept away. Today is to target stores something sunscreen and pack lunch lunch and hit the beach as it’s the likeliest last time I can. I have a feeling my surprise isn’t externals but a nice restful beaching. I have a feeling it’s quiet allll the way towards the future. Well wished…. Drama filled emotion but yet a quiet restful enough progress. If so a dream is moved yet sorta dead too. I came for love but it didn’t come with glue. Hahaha. Oh and a myriad chores otherwise. I too shall see tomorrow.


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