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Amazing how fate intervenes sometimes

I used to live near ground zero. I would pass it everyday on my way to work. I’d always take a second to think of life, happiness and the sadness of what happened that day. I know people who lost a loved one there that day 18 years ago. Someone who I went to high school with perished that day. I know people who still have some respiratory problems from being there that day. While, one wants to remain hopeful anout the future, my daily walks past the site were a mixed bag of emotions. Then I moved away to the west coast and I didn’t feel as grounded in that moment. But one thing, or rather one act, that I kept going is that of not flying on September 11th.

I just have not been able to bring myself to fly that day. Until this year. I didn’t set out to do so. I was scheduled to fly back for my business trip on September 12th. Then the airline changed my flight to a late night flight September 11th with me landing on the east coast at 5am September 12th. I was fraught with anxiety.

Then my sister texted me a posting from one of her friends who met the love of his life 18 years ago at ground zero. They had not known one another beforehand but they helped each other run. Then love came. What an extremely odd and scary beginning of a relationship. Fate had intervened in a very complicated manner.

As I read that posting, I realized I wanted my business trip to end. It had been fruitless and I was anxious to be back home. I called the airline and the last seat on a late night flight out on September 10th landing on September 11th. I ate a lot of olives and binged-watched Farscape to the point that I actually slept for two hours on the plane. I never sleep on flights but this time I did. Apparently, I slept through really bad turbulence. I hate turbulence. It unnerves me. Thus, it worked out.

Then I just got an email that the flight I changed at the last minute actually had undergone engine problems and the plane had to return to the gate, people deplaned and then it was cancelled. I managed to avoid a bad situation that would have caused me too much frustration and anxiety. I had randomly decided to change my flights and it turned out to be the right call.

Fate works in mysterious ways. It’s not always fair for for the best. And, sometimes good things come from bad. No rhyme or reason at times. No matter how much one may plan things out, the universe may be on a different path. My heart still aches for our country and for those who suffered great loss and pain that day. But we know that heroism and love did rise up.

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