We learn from failure or so they say

We are supposed to learn from failure. We are to get wiser, tougher, and more forward-thinking when overcoming failure. We are supposed to. Not too much everyone equally does. I believe in letting people and processes fail. As long as they are not catastrophic failures. It’s one of the hardest things to do. Surely it is. To let someone fail. To see it occuring and not pulling them back. But you can’t always be the one to interject. You also can’t be the one to paper over the wounds. If we were to forsee a catastrophe in the making, then we are to step in and do our best to avert such a situation. But even with good intentions things can slip on by. We are, thus, to learn from failure.

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  1. Gee, you are very thoughtful. I tell my students, “High School is really a great place to fail, you spend too much time trying to be perfect in front of people, most of whom you will not see ever again after graduation. So I position myself to pick up, dust off, and encourage them to learn from the D- . . . most of the accomplishment in the world is done by C students anyway.


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