Some days all you have are your running shoes

I am a die-hard New Yorker. What does that mean? It means I love bagels. I love thin pizza. I love jumping in summertime puddles. I love walking. I get super invested in speedwalking.

Now, not everyplace is like that. When I lived in California I tried to get used to eating salads on my pizza. But that just never took for me. Pizza is thin crust, cheese and lots of sauce. In California, I did also try to walk slowly. But there were times when I couldn’t help myself. I just had to pass people. I don’t like being late for things. Over there, well… Many meetings started a few minutes late. One day, a citywide meeting was canceled because of light rain. I kid you not. I was thrilled as it was bound to be a snooze.

Anyway, I’m a New Yorker. I carry an extra pair of shoes in my bag. I wear flats to run around and then pull out my 6-inch heels out of nowhere. I laugh every time. Except a few weeks back. The problem was that I was running around everywhere for a few hours and I forgot to bring my heels. Normally not a problem for me at the office as I have around 20 pairs of shoes in the office. But this time I was going to a business meeting for which I had no agenda. I didn’t really know what the meeting was about. I suppose that was problem number one.

When I showed up to the meeting, I came to find out there was going to be a celebrity there. We were asked if we wanted to line up to each take an individual meeting with said celebrity. I dug in my bag for my heels and they were not there. For me, that would normally be a catastrophe. However, I put my zen attitude on and smiled my way to the photo spot. What’s a girl to do? Sometimes you just walk in tall despite the flats.

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  1. I just went to visit my sister in Brooklyn a few weeks ago and your story cracked me up! I always feel so sheepish wearing sneakers and changing but now I feel like if you can do it, anyone can 🙂


  2. How wonderfully quirky

    Though heels are not my style!
    I do have two changes of clothes (and rough, and fresh trainers) in my car, an overnight kit, hotel money and everything I could need to survive

    Just incase!


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